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Trump keeps disqualifying himself for President 

Look at his latest Tweet. How stupid? How non-presidential? How insensitive to many different people.

Is this the character of the person we want representing our Nation?  

OMG we have sad choices for president in 2016. 

A loud mouth egomaniac, a liar and schemer and a naive dreamer. Put them all together and you can’t make a decent candidate?
Where is our Country headed?


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  1. OK. I guess you all agree. The Kasich website is: So, hold your nose, close your eyes, make a donation, send him a note of encouragement (from whatever state you live in) and if you believe in God, pray for America and American voters.


  2. While I am from Ohio and currently live in Ohio (having lived here 57 or my 63 years), I would have preferred Jeb over John Kasich.

    But, if you want to avoid Sanders, Clinton, Trump, Cruz or Rubio, each and every one a poor candidate or simply not ready to be president, it is now time for you to send the Kasich campaign a small contribution and a specific note encouraging him to remain in the race all the way to the Cleveland, Ohio Republican Convention.

    The other alternatives are, at best good candidates for a comedy show or perhaps the remake of the Apprentice (a show I have never seen). The other candidates are most likely to lead us to elect a President Bloomberg – creating our first real nanny state taking away your salt shaker, reducing your diet coke to 16 ounces, taxing cigarettes so badly (where a pack of Marlboro costs more than $13!), that it leads Eric Gardner to obtain cigarettes from outside of New York where taxes are lower (Missouri, for example, charges 17 cents a pack versus New York City and State Taxes of over $6.00), avoid the taxes, sell then as “loosies” etc., get arrested by New York cops over 30 times, and ultimately die for his “sins”. Expect more federalizing of taxes and the like with Bloomberg.

    I can give you many reasons why I preferred Jeb, and almost all of them have to do with Kasich’s temper/attitude, For example, Kasich got a speeding ticket in January 2011, right after becoming Ohio’s governor and he called the cop an “idiot”. Once, after watching the movie Fargo, Kasich went back to the store and insisted that the proprietor pull it from the shelves.

    On the other hand, take any issue of the day, and you’ll find Kasich in the center, passing lane, (on the right side of the road, of course, this IS America) and on the policy superhighway. Conservative, yes. Tax cutter, yes. Pragmatic, yes. Enforcer of laws, yes. And, importantly, a believer in the Constitution – you want to change the law, there is a process already in the constitution.

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    • Well Jack, here are some thoughts for you: Based upon the huge youth support of Bernie and the loud but poorly educated and uninformed support of Donald, your apparent ideology is passé
      Trump is not as stupid as he is talking now – Trump knows how to speak to poorly educated racists and bigots to obtain the Teapublikkkan nomination – he will mellow out and make sense in the general election
      Canadian Cruz brags about being the “biggest Conservative” – what voter really cares about Cruz’s ideological purity? – he will continue his domestic political terrorist crusade, if nominated and lose the general election
      Rubio is a boy seeking a man’s job who can be publically panicked by the unindicted NJ extortionist, Chris Christi
      Kasich seems to be sensible and practical but too sensible and practical to win over Trump’s poorly educated racists and bigots to obtain the Teapublikkkan nomination –and, is he not taking credit for the government auto industry bailout which increased employment in Ohio?
      Trump will equate “Democratic Socialism” with Communism to win the votes of Teapublikkkan poorly educated racists and bigots, who don’t know any better, to oppose Bernie
      Hillary is unquestionably the most qualified presidential candidate in the past 100 years – plus she brings Bill who balanced the federal budget and produced economic prosperity for four years
      However, widespread and rampant Teapublikkkan Democratic and racist voter suppression may win the day – not to mention their years long Benghazi hearing debacle, et al – Teapublikkkans are scared sh**less of Hillary, and well they should be, because their candidates are a complete joke in the entire world
      And, above all, no path to citizenship for Latino immigrants because they might vote Democratic


  3. I have been following politics for the last 40 years and it does not matter if you vote for a Dummycrat or a Ripoffagain, you still get screwed. I have voted for both and have never seen them do anything that improved my life.

    Watch out, the government that has the power to give you everything you think you need today; has the power to take everything it thinks it needs from you, tomorrow.

    Mark Twain – “If voting made any real difference they would not let us do it ”

    The American people’s interest have not been represented since about 1804 – Since then it has been all about big business and special interest. And it gets worse every year.

    Will Rogers – “We are lucky we do not get all the government, that we are paying for.”


  4. I pray that the American people are not idiotic to elect this egomaniac as our next president…come on people..this man insults everybody and we really want a president who will prob insult some nation and start the next world war??? anybody is better than him..probably please wake up not let this monster be president…


  5. Bravo for your comments after the tweet about the candidates. I am so thoroughly disgusted with the choices that i am seriously considering not voting for the first time in 43 years. I might just have to write-in ‘none of the above’


  6. Agreed – very sad indeed – none of the 6 Teapublikkkans are qualified to shine Obama’s shoes – I just love Trump taking delegates away from Kruz and Rubeo


  7. Agreed – very sad indeed – none of the 6 Teapublikkkans are qualified to shine Obama’s shoes – I just love watching Trump take delegates away from Kruz and Rubeo


  8. ” … egomaniac, a liar and schemer and a naive dreamer.” Not sure which of the 6 (Republicans) or 2 (Democrats) the post is referring to – hmmmm.


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