Irresponsible at all levels – gaming the health care system

DeĀ­jah ColĀ­lier is a waitress, themepark ride operĀ­aĀ­tor, mother of two, [unmarried and had first child at age 18 – my note] uninsuredā€”and a sign of the conĀ­tinĀ­uĀ­ing challenge in widenĀ­ing covĀ­erĀ­age under the fedĀ­eral health law.

Ms. ColĀ­lier, a 24-year-old in the DenĀ­ver area, had enĀ­rolled in the Medicaid fedĀ­eral-state inĀ­surance proĀ­gram to cover a hosĀ­piĀ­tal deĀ­livĀ­ery for her secĀ­ond son but let her enrollĀ­ment lapse later. UnĀ­der the AfĀ­fordĀ­able Care Act, her familyā€™s income is low enough that they would all likely still qualĀ­ify for the proĀ­gram, but they havenā€™t gone through the process to sign up again.

ā€œIt just beĀ­came less imporĀ­tant,ā€ she said, adding that the famĀ­ily is healthy, and happy to pay cash for ocĀ­caĀ­sional services. Ā Source: Wall Street Journal 2-1-16

imageHappy to pay cash?” Ā That’s good to know. Eligibility for Medicaid in CO limits income for a family of three to about $27,724. (138% of the FPL).

I guess you can be flexible and just lazy about enrollment when you can sign up for coverage at any time (no enrollment period) and even have coverage retroactively effective up to three months. And of course, your income is too low to worry about the Obamacare penalty.


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  1. I do not see the problem, you do. Let her pay cash for the services she needs. That way tax dollars are saved. When or if she enrolls, then the tax payers will have to pay for most of her premiums. She is saving the taxpayers money, what is wrong with that?


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