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imageWho knows how accurate the following is, but if it’s even close there sure seems to be a lot of discretionary spending out there, at least some of which is far from necessities. How can this be? Can the people we are told can’t save for retirement, can’t afford child care, etc. be spending $2400 a month on stuff?
 The January 2016 average is based on Gallup Daily tracking interviews with 15,216 U.S. adults. Gallup asks Americans to estimate the total amount they spent “yesterday” in restaurants, gas stations, stores or online — not counting home and vehicle purchases or normal monthly bills — to provide an indication of Americans’ discretionary spending.


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  1. Averages are deceiving,spending is cyclical, and seasonal, and spending patterns vary DRAMATICALLY based on age, income,debt/wealth, family status, etc. an average of daily spending embodies Twain, “. There is a lie, a damned lie and a statistic.”


  2. What this tells me is that the Christmas bills are always due in January and people have less spending money during the same time of year. Or I am doing something wrong because a can’t spend $99 a day on non-essentials.


  3. I do not know who these people are that have $81 a day to spend on anything extra. Since I have only $1,637 per month total income $54 per day to spend on everything. And if you subtract what I am paying on my credit card debt, to pay it off in 24 months, I am down to 37.90 per day. Sometimes I go for 7 to 10 days without spending anything. These numbers are meaningless, No one buys gas every day or eats out at a restaurant or shops on line every day. Unless you call the same people every day, it tells you nothing. Unless you know the persons monthly income, you cannot tell anything. I went to the Gallop site and this is just the average that Americans spend or charge each day not what they spend every day for 30 days. Last Friday I went to Sam’s Club and purchased food for the week and spent $100, so if they had called me on Saturday, I would of told them it was $100, meaningless data. It does not tell you anything about my financial health and if I charged it, but it is not flagged as such, it makes you thinK I have money to burn. Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics.


    • Not sure about gas, but I can assure you there are people who eat out every day (like Starbucks, etc.) and who buy online every day. Besides these numbers don’t mean they do each activity each day.


      • So the $2,400 per month is meaningless, just like I said. Sorry to confuse you with the facts. I am sure there are many who do not do buy Starbucks or shop on line at all. . This is just another one of your stupid posts, of course people spend money every day there are 300+ million people living in the country.


      • No, because you try and use STATISTICS in the wrong way. They were just trying to show spending slows in Jan after the Christmas spending binge, not that WE have extra money in our budgets. I have only been to Starbucks 3 times in my life, when I was on vacation. Very few people are spending anything close to $2,400 per month on extras, Another FALSE, claim by you. Not Gallop, I went to their site, they did not say it. You looked at the $81 a day average and ASSUMED incorrectly that it was $2,400 per month. Way to spin it, are you taking lessons from Burnie?


      • I was using the information to make a point and that is simply there is a great deal of discretionary spending out there contrary to what political rhetoric may indicate. Of course I know it’s not as simple as multiplying $80 times 30 and getting $2400.

        On the other hand, your lifestyle and views on spending are not of the real world either. Average people do spend tons of money on stuff like lottery tickets, coffee and many other non necessities.

        And just for my own curiosity, how with your stated income and frugal lifestyle are you able to even go on vacation?


      • I take the greyhound bus. Stay with family, that way I do not have to spend money on hotels. My wife and I spent 3 month last summer in NY, TX and OK total cost $2,500. Shut off the home phone, internet and gas, only left the frig plugged in $10 per month electric bill and $336 lot rent is all the cost generated at home. We got to spend time with my 3 year old grandson and family, we enjoyed a fireworks show on a boat on Lake Ontario. Went to Six Flags over TX and River Walk in San Antonio. Museums, in OK and Arkansas. Plenty of family barbecues and day trips to the beach. Not everything has to be 5 star to enjoy life. I guess I am above average, I have always been able to enjoy life on the cheap.

        How did you come up with the $2,400 figure then? It was not in the gallop article. I guess you spend $2,400 per month on extras and think everyone else does, also. There is a great deal of government and corporate waste out there every day and you and others do not seem to think the ones at the top should ever cut any of their wasteful spending.


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