Observations on life

Are you being mislead?

What are you being told that may be misleading or simply not true? Here are a few examples:

  1. Women earn 77% of what men earn
  2. Raising the minimum wage will greatly help households in the middle class
  3. The Affordable Care Act has controlled health care costs
  4. We are being inundated with an influx of Mexican immigrants
  5. Billionaires determine the outcome of elections
  6. Social Security can be made financially sound simply by raising the payroll tax cap
  7. Wealthy people don’t pay their fair share of taxes
  8. Insurance company profits drive health insurance premiums
  9. CEOs earn over 300 times what the average worker earns 
  10. Abortion is a woman’s health issue
  11. The Social safety net can be greatly expanded without taxing the middle-class
  12. Americans are concerned about inequality 
  13. The Great Recession was caused by banks and Wall Street
  14. The growing federal deficit and debt is not a problem
  15. A single-payer health care system can control costs without various forms of rationing 
  16. Scandinavian countries provide “free” health care, college, child care and family leave 

Each of the above is misleading, incomplete or simply not factual. I could go into more detail as to why that’s true, but I have done that several times on this blog. I leave it to you to search Quinnscommentary or Google to see what I mean. 

Any other items you would like to add to the list?


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