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What do voters care about?

Politicians like to tell you what to worry and be concerned about. What do you hear most about from the left? Perhaps inequality, Wall Street, climate change, billionaires, fair share? The right hammers away on Obamacare and immigration.

Turns out none of that is a top concern of voters. Do you get the feeling politicians miss the point or simply ignore us?

Americans are not concerned about inequality, they are concerned about the quality of their lives. Americans don’t want higher taxes on some to give more welfare to them. Americans  want good jobs and a robust economy to keep things humming along. If you release the U.S. economy from constraints, if you create demand for American goods and services that in turn creates demand for workers and that will increase pay and income, but everyone knows that … except some politicians apparently.

What is your number one concern?



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  1. For me, personally, it would be Terrorism along with securing our borders. We should be looking out for ourselves first and foremost. If we do not figure out how to destroy the likes of ISIL, AQAP, Al-Qaeda, etc., or at least keep them out of this country
    (out of harm’s way for us)…the rest of the issues do not mean a damn!


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