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Bernie’s climate solution

20140508-064052.jpg20140508-063922.jpgIf your idea of the future is all-electric cars, wide-spread visual pollution from millions of giant wind turbines and hundreds of thousands of acres of land consumed by solar panels while putting fossil fuel companies and their employees out-of-business, Old BS is your man. No more oil drilling, no more pipelines, no fracking no fossil energy.

20140508-064009.jpg20140508-065149.jpgClimate change is real, mans contribution to it may also be real at least to some extent, but to set out a plan that must change the culture, economy and lives of every American without considering the practical consequences is foolhardy which of course is indicative of Sander’s naive view of the world.



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  1. Jratt, I will agree with you on this one. If you take a volume of water and freeze it, it expands thus taking up a volume of space. So when we have these large ice masses the sea levels should be higher. When the ice melts the levels should go down, due to less volume due to the expansion. If anyone disagrees take a glass of water and put it in the freezer. The volume increase will burst the glass. Just my thoughts.


    • Global warming can cause sea levels to rise in two ways. First, seawater expands as temperatures rise. Secondly ice over land melts and flows to the ocean.

      Over the last 35 years the sun has shown a slight cooling trend but global temperatures have been increasing. Therefore rises in the sun’s temperature cannot be the cause of global warming.

      I hope people like JRATT will let facts get in the way of his ideology.


      • Chris, when the Left stops trying to tax CO2 which helps trees and plants grow and put off oxygen maybe we will have all the facts. When I was in high school in 1974 they were teaching we were still coming out of the last ICE AGE, that means warming.
        They were warning we would be entering another ICE AGE, soon. Why are we going to spend billions or trillions worldwide, just to keep the average temp from rising 1 to 2 degrees, and they are not even sure it will help, talk about a waste of resources.
        To much chicken little, the sky is falling from Al Gore and others while they fly around the globe in private jets. Just Facts.


  2. I like to look at global warming as preventing the next ice age. One good volcano and its back to the ice age. But seriously, how bad is it for the environment is the mining of heavy metals to make batteries and solar panels? Can’t be any better than mining for coal and drilling for gas.


  3. I think most of the people who are anti-fossil fuels do not realize having cheap energy has done for everyone. Low cost goods and services delivered to almost anywhere in the world. They do not realize how many products would not even be here without oil. Also, they only care as long as their job is not lost, those bad oil guys got to go.
    Electric cars are not as clean as people think, if the power used to charge the batteries comes from Coal or other fossil fuels.
    You are just moving the pollution from the car to the power company. What about all the birds that are killed by wind power?
    Everything man does has trade offs. I would say if you want to help the environment the most reduce your use of all things that require energy of any kind. But that is too hard for the enverionut, it is much easier to have government force people to do your biding or use other peoples money to accomplish your goals. Meanwhile you feel good driving your electric car to get on an airplane to fly across the country. If they really cared they would us Greyhound, but that would not work for them.


      • You have to laugh at the idiots that see ice melting in the ocean and claim sea level will rise. Ice in the water has already displaced the water, if you have ice in your glass of bourbon when it melts the level does not go up. I avoid this by never letting the ice melt in my glass of bourbon. Most of the so called rise in sea level is caused by land erosion. But we must not let the facts get in the way of our ideology. I have seen reports that say the SUN is getting hotter, so is anything we do going to really change things. The whole CO2 lie is just being used to make money from stupid humans. A sucker born every minute.


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