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That there is a gap, a wide gap in income and wealth between average Ameticans and top income Americans is fact. To one extent or another that has been true forever. 

However, it is not fact that average and low income Americans are at their income level because of the wealth of the top 1%, 5% or 10% of Americans. 

That fact is lost on politicians like Sanders and Warren who are trying to convince you of a cause and affect and that is a rocky road to follow.  Beware! 




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  1. Mr. Quinn – As much as “Old Bernie” scares you and as much as you have railed against his beliefs for months on end; take careful note of the ages of his strident supporters. That is where this nation is going. The young people are our future and you can’t stand to see it happening. My sympathies. You rant that these young people “don’t understand reality” and “don’t get it”. These young people totally reject being ruled by an oligarchy and they understand that is what is happening to them right now. They understand that and they get that. Independent voters who are fed up with the failures of our congress are flocking to either Trump or Sanders.
    Not many people have seen or understand this, but I have seen it firsthand and I understand it. The Koch brothers started at local levels to control this nation. They financed their chosen candidates to win local elections in school boards and city councils near my home. Those Koch puppets then support and elect county and state officials. State legislators and governors bought and paid for by the Kochs then promote Gerrymandering and voter suppression to steal national elections. All of that together with the totally fabricated and falsified Benghazi and E-mail “scandals” may work for one more election cycle; however, the young people supporting Bernie will thereafter prevail and the evil will be forever cleansed from our great nation and I will be happy to see that.


    • That’s the problem. The “young” who have no historical perspective while having a naive perspective on problems. Sanders cannot implement his ideal world even if elected. His numbers don’t work and worst of all he is misleading Americans into believing you can have it all by taxing only others. You know what he proposes is not possible or practical. That and he has no skills on an international level. He is appealing and sincere, but he is really a purveyor of class warfare.


  2. To bring the disparity down, I would suggest that some adjustment of taxes are appropriate—-inheritance, more progressive income taxes,etc
    A delicate balance is appropriate so that the less deserving do not fritter away any funds transferred. While this may require some additional funds to monitor the process, some additional resources may be necessary to follow up.


    • Bringing the disparity down implies lowering the wealth at the top? Shouldn’t the goal be to raise up the bottom? Raising taxes is seen as some kind of penalty for success. How will that actually help the lower income Americans?


    • The US has one of the most extreme disparity between the top and bottom earners. I am not advocating that some disparity is necessary to encourage new ideas and processies, These activities are necessary to further technological development and activities.


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