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A conundrum of $220

Walking in a mall just now and spotted an interesting pair of sneakers. Looked them over, was considering a purchase and turned them over to look.


I walked away incredulous.🤑

Statistically speaking I earn more than virtually anyone shopping in that mall so why would they attempt to sell sneakers at that price to average Americans?

Because people who can’t afford them and shouldn’t be buying them do buy them! Got it Bernie?

imageI would not spend that kind of money on sneakers … ever or shoes for that matter.

What is wrong with me? Am I weird, out of touch, cheap or just too old to get it?


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  1. We buy my Nike sneakers at Kohls, on sale, $10 off from a mailer, plus a per cent off Kohls coupon, and pay about $20 for them. I am cheap about it. A friend buys his two boys Air Jordan’s, regularly when they “want them”, as opposed to needing them, for $200 each. Call me cheap, it’s OK!


  2. Apparently you must have been vaccinated against Affluenza. Our economy now depends on the spread of Affluenza. The government keeps interest rates low so that we can spend. Wall Street demands that companies expand. Madison Avenue is our pusher and makes us feel that we are nobody unless we have that $220 pair of shoes.

    I am all for capitalism but I will not spend $220 for shoes either.

    For a good read I suggest Affluenza: The All-Consuming Epidemic is a 2001 anti-consumerist book by John de Graaf, environmental scientist David Wann, and economist Thomas H. Naylor.

    Or you can go to Jib-Jab and watch the video on the Big Box Mart.


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