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Scapegoating … it Has Finally Dawned On The Left … Not Really

Co-host (of The View) Joy Behar added that minorities have always been used to cast blame for a country’s problems.

“That’s scapegoating. It’s as old as the hills. What do you think World War II is all about? You know that. It’s all about blaming the Jews. Now it’s the Mexicans and the Muslims. Blame everybody but yourself,” Behar said.

She is right of course, scapegoating is a dangerous, but effective tactic used just about forever. Find a target, gradually find a way to blame them for something and thereby relieve other individuals of responsibility and enable them to vent frustration. Truth doesn’t matter. Susceptible people will welcome the cause. 

One thing though. This is exactly the tactic used often and widely (although not exclusively) by the left, most notably by the Obama administration. Think 1%, wealthy, billionaires and millionaires, Wall Street, banks, CEOs, insurance companies, corporations, Wal Mart, pharma, even colleges (except their professors of course), war on women, etc. 

Any entity to blame except Washington policy makers, ingrained career politicians and individual Americans. 

And as you already know, it works 🙄


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