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What is Bernie Sanders’ Net Worth? – Money Nation

The more I learn about Bernie Sanders, the more I think he is a decent, honest, sincere person who firmly believes in his causes and lives by his ideology as well. The problem is that his ideology and social philosophy is so deeply naive and flawed it’s somewhat scary. Forget left or right, conservative or progressive or even socialist; focus on the practical, doable, human nature and just plain common sense. He has all the answers, but no depth. He says what people want to hear, but ignores consequences or reality for that matter. 

He thinks and firmly believes that only the collective power of government can manage people’s lives and make things better. For example, he sees free college as a cure, but ignores not only the qualifications needed to maximize the value of college but the fact that a college education is a guarantee of nothing without the personal responsibility to go with it. 

He puts out a health care plan requiring major restructuring of the tax code with much higher taxes and in the process coordinates nothing with the separate needs for tax reform, fixing Social Security and his own goals of free college and child care; indeed he wants to improve Social Security using the same taxpayers who are also paying for his Medicare for all. His approach to his own agenda is as uncoordinated as our health care system. 

So, what about his net worth? Compare him to an average American his age and he is not doing badly. Compare him to a leader earning over $100,000 a year for decades, not so good especially when he also has about $25,000 in credit card debt. Some observers attribute this in part to his investing strategy which includes socially responsible investing; a good example of ideology over practicality and reality and in the absence of his federal pension, a course that would put him on the road to needing more public support in his old age. 

Anti-billionaire Bernie Sanders’ net worth is $528,014. Our Bernie Sanders net worth figure comes from a deep dive into his public disclosure forms.

Source: What is Bernie Sanders’ Net Worth? – Money Nation

Here are Sanders reported investments. I wonder what an expert would say about this mix and diversity and just the number of different funds involved? Does he use an advisor? Does Old Bernie know what he is doing?




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  1. Is Bernie Sanders a modern day version of Harry Truman? It’s a bit of a scary thought but it seems that the tone of the nation following the “Great Recession” is similar to that following the Great Depression. Harry Truman was accused of being a socialist and seems to have espoused some of the same concepts that Sanders does.

    Think about the “Fair Deal”: universal health insurance, increase in the minimum wage, increased taxes, price controls, government aid for education. Sounds familiar?

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    • I’m half way through reading the biography of Harry Truman. He was on the progressive side, but quite practical, straight laced, straight talking and honest. He was the real deal. Sanders is no Truman that’s for sure. Believe it or not, when it came to speaking his mind, making a decision and taking action, he was more like Trump. He was a team player even as Roosevelt treated him like crap; rarely even talking to him and keeping the A bomb from him even while Roosevekt knew he would not likely live out his last term.


  2. I may be anything but an apologist for Bernie Sanders. I fail to see what it matters what his net worth is.

    How he handles his personal finances is his business. Financial disclosure of government officials is meant to catch those on the take and not to be a bellwether for their future executive performance. If that was the case the political parties could just put up whomever they like from the Forbes 400 list.


    • I think how he thinks about and handles money is important because it’s an indication of how he sets priorities and may tend to manage things. If he can’t manage his own money, how will he understand managing ours? I think his spending proposals and use of the word free are indications that he doesn’t get finances. The same is true for some other politicians who are deeply in debt


      • Like I said, I’m not a Sanders supporter but I do appreciate facts.

        Take a look at this link

        Toward the bottom is a table of US Senators and their net worth over time. The table can be imported into excel and then sorted by percent change over the period 2004 – 2010.
        Sanders increase for the period is 271.5% which puts him a respectable number 9 in his peer group.
        I agree with you that his economic view of the world leaves something to be desired but his finances appear to be just fine if you use growth as the yardstick.


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