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In November 2015 a New York Times editorial stated:

Laws banning the growing, distribution and possession of marijuana have caused tremendous damage to society, with billions spent on imprisoning people for violating pointlessly harsh laws. Yet research shows that marijuana is far less harmful than alcohol and tobacco, and can be used to treat medical conditions like chronic pain.

And yet when I search this topic I come up with this from WebMD and many other sites.

Smoking pot can also have less-pleasant effects on your mind and mood, too. You might have:

A distorted sense of time
Random thinking
Short-term forgetfulness
These effects usually ease up a few hours after you’ve used the drug.

Risks of Marijuana Use

Though you may have heard otherwise, marijuana can be addictive: Nearly 10% of people who use it become dependent on it. It isn’t clear whether marijuana is a gateway drug that makes people more likely to try harder drugs like cocaine and heroin.

Other sites state that most drug addictions started with marijuana.

I’m no expert, but this issue surely isn’t clear in my view. How can it be a good thing to create an environment effectively promoting use of a mood changing addictive drug?

Don’t we have enough trouble with alcohol?


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  1. Why would anybody listen to a writer who did not get a word spelled correctly in the heading of a writing that is spelled correctly in the body of the same writing?


    • I guess he relied too much on spell checker and believe it or not when I checked the headline it came up correct, but no so in text.


  2. The dialogue I hear on this subject of legalizing Marijuana is too many are locked up as a criminal. Let it be legalized and only lock them up if they are determined to be “under the influence” much like we do for being drunk. Not that I support this criteria. The proponents of legalizing Marijuana also tout the purported medical effects which may have some value.


  3. WebMD is a front for Big Pharma, of course they are going to dis Marijuana. What about all the side effects of the drugs Big Pharma pushes, that have killed people, or made their conditions worse not better.

    ” How can it be a good thing to create an environment effectively promoting use of a mood changing addictive drug?”

    That is not the point, you can get Marijuana any day of the week, making it illegal has not kept it from anyone who wants it.

    My first drug that led me to try other drugs was alcohol. Alcohol was right there in the kitchen. When I was 16 I could go into any liquor store in So. CA and buy it. Look at how many teenagers get in trouble with Alcohol. Alcohol is the gateway drug, not Marijuana.

    Marijuana is not at all addictive for most people. I used it from age 16 to 25 and stopped, no problem, because of a job in the USAF. After I left the USAF job I started using it again almost daily. After 15 years because I wanted to save money I stopped using it cold turkey, no problem. I had a much harder time giving up alcohol. I have been drug free for 4 years. I miss the beer with my pizza more than anything, but chose not to use any drugs at this point.

    Over 70 years of Marijuana prohibition has not worked. We learned nothing from the prohibition of alcohol.
    At least with what CO and WA state are doing is raising some tax revenue.


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