Isn’t it curious? 

  I was just thinking. Some politicians delight in taking aim at money in politics, at the influence of billionaires and at the use of PACs forgetting that they are the ones being influenced. 

But the real conundrum is that the same politicians have no trouble buying votes from their constituency by offering “free” this or that and promising all manner of benefits which are not free and which they have no ability to deliver. 



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  1. There are very few problems and negative situations that congressional term limits and presidential line-item veto power would not solve. I fund it interesting that Cruz is pledging NOT to compromise or work across the aisle with Democrats if he is elected. Does he really believe we want more stagnation?


    • I agree. We need term limits and we surely don’t need people who see no value in compromise or who are so blinded by their ideology as not to consider new ideas. Nobody gets anywhere for long when extreme in any direction.


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