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Old BS and the minimum wage

Here is what Bernie Sanders says about the minimum wage. I can see the logic in any argument to raise the minimum wage despite the misleading statements about who earns such wage and the ignoring of unintended consequences. However, shouldn’t we at least understand the facts about the minimum wage?

And don’t supporters of such an increase have an obligation to tell us the facts and be specific. For example, what is a living wage? Is it $15 an hour as some activists want? Well, if two people in a household were working in a low skill job earning that minimum wage they would make more than the current median household income in the U.S. Is that what Sanders is talking about? And if that is correct, why doesn’t he explain the consequences of such a change on the rest of the economy?  What do his supporters think he is talking about? 

Before you accept this kind of rhetoric, check the facts. Here is a place to start or just search minimum wage on this blog. 



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  1. Sorry, when you state that proponents of higher minimum wages are “ignoring of unintended consequences”, I think that is inaccurate. I think their intentions are clear, and that all of the consequences are intentional – to reduce low wage employment and as needed to push next for increases in welfare, food stamps and other spending for those who lost their positions and for those who can no longer maintain their existing standard of living.

    It is to create new middle class entitlements – where your vote is purchased in exchange for mandated higher wages, greaer entitlements, etc.

    Similarly, the best result here is if the negative impacts could be pushed off to future generations, similar to the feds takeover of home mortgages (Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, VA), student loans (with new forgiveness provisions), prescription drugs for seniors (with no specific funding provisions), health care coverage/subsidies (part of health reform – expansion of Medicaid, new subsidies for public exchange coverage, etc.)

    All recent successes in buying votes.

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