Observations on life

Good times for Old BS

I’m going to make Bernie’s day … bad times for billionaires. You mean their billions are not in cash or under their mattress?  Hey what happens if we pay for all of Bernie’s promises by taxing the wealthy … and they lose rather than make money❓

Yikes, watch out middle-class😬

World’s Richest Down $305 Billion as Markets Extend Global Rout
By Tom Metcalf and Jack Witzig – Jan 15, 2016, 5:33:51 PM


Plunging stock markets are exacting a toll on the world’s biggest fortunes.

The 400 richest people have lost $305 billion from their combined net worth this month as global equities tumbled for the worst start to a year on record as concern mounts that global growth is faltering.

The billionaires lost more than $115 billion this week, with 76 taking hits of at least $1 billion in January, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index. Seven shed more than $1 billion on Friday alone as the Dow Jones Industrial Average sank 391 points, European stocks fell into a bear market and the Shanghai Composite Index wiped out gains from an unprecedented state-rescue campaign.


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