I have an idea for Congress and their pay

In theory anyway our elected representatives in Congress are supposed to represent their states and hence fellow citizens of that state. Why then are they paid as federal employees and why do they get to vote on their own compensation package?

If you want to keep your employee focused on your goals and needs, you pay them, you don’t allow their allegiance to be directed elsewhere by somebody working against you. 

So, why don’t the states pay their members of the House of Representatives and the Senate? Let each state set the compensation for their representatives. They may be elected by the people regardless of their performance, but they don’t have to be paid that way. 

Imagine if there was actual accountability for Congress plus term limits.



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  1. What dream world are you living in? Congress makes a big deal of no pay raise for several years, but then give themselves a $1,000 per month car lease benefit in Dec 2014. Our government leaders have been corrupted by money and the term limits idea is dead.


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