Campaign financing 

Here is yet another example of far left thinking and the failure to grasp the essence of the problem. Look at this Tweet by Bernie Sanders. 

If you work for a private employer, even the perception of a conflict of interest can get you in trouble. Accept even a small diminish gift and you could get fired. 

But here we have a socialist who sees a problem as created by billionaires with money and ignores those who allow themselves to be influenced and thereby ignore the needs of the American people as Old Bernie says. 

What he is saying is that Members of Congress have little integrity and can’t be trusted. If Sanders was serious about this, he would be pushing for Congressional term limits and serious sanctions against those who compromise their position of power. 

But how could you expect credibility from yet another career politician who in the absence of his government pension would be living  on Social Security in retirement because he has failed to be responsible  and build up his own net worth over the last 70 + years. 

But should we be surprised; all socialists live off other people’s money. 


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