Old Bernie really is out of touch with reality 🙄

Bernie Sanders uses Twitter to illustrate exactly how naive he really is and how little regard he has for the brainpower of people he is wooing.

Throwing around “billionaire” and 1% may be good populist rhetoric, but it is nothing more than creating class warfare and Old BS knows it (and so does the person who probably is tweeting for him).

There are 537 billionaires in the US (430 in China, 97 in India, 93 in Russia, 80 in the UK and 72 in Germany.. Source: statist a.com). Do they have it all? Does the fact their wealth is largely in the stock of companies they own or control take anything from you? Do they control our government? If you believe they do, then ask yourself how is that possible, could it be because of career politicians like Old BS?

So government belongs to the one percent⁉️

img_0100Does Old BS even understand the one percent? A two income family of college professors or union leaders can be the one percent. Many football coaches are the one percent. Your doctor may well be the one percent. Your favorite sports star or celebrity is the one percent. Government bureaucrat households can be the one percent … your friends and neighbors may be the one percent. Someday in the future your family may be the one percent✔️ (heck, just move to another state and you may make it).

Michigan interim athletic director Jim Hackett said Tuesday during Harbaugh’s introductory press conference that Harbaugh signed a seven-year deal worth $5 million per year [plus incentives]

The one percent household begins around $400,000 a year, but as you can see below,  varies widely by state.


Note where the highest one percent benchmark is; it’s Washington, D.C.. 😳

Do you seriously believe that raising taxes on the one percent will make your life better? Do you believe that the billionaire who developed a new smart phone app is blocking your opportunity?

You are being given a false high by an old hippie😛



    1. Bernie is interesting. Virtually his whole life has been as a politician which is the source of his income. Based on his net worth which is estimated from around $200,000 to about $750,000 including his residence which means he has saved little, but will rely on his federal pension (or leveraging his contacts after he retires). Here is a person who never held a real job not seeing the irony of his criticism of wealthy people who have not only worked for their wealth but in many cases have also created jobs and whole industries driving our economy.

      How would America be better off? A country of Bernie Sanders or a country of one per centers?


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