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Words of wisdom especially for people who believe political rhetoric

Sincere may be a good way of describing Bernie Sanders. He appears to be sincere as far back as when he applied to be a conscientious objector back in the 1960s. 

However, today his comments, assumptions and promises display a benign ignorance of facts, circumstances and human nature. For example, he promises “free” (ignorance) public college tuition yet ignores the fact that many, perhaps most, high school graduates are unprepared for college or that the best route to success (including financial) for many is not through college.  


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  1. Ask BS (his initials say it all, lol.) What is so great about a college education? 52% of the 2014 grads are now working in jobs that do not require a degree. More funding for the Educational Industrial Complex. My Cousin who is now retired, became a college professor in nursing, because she could make three times the money, earn a great pension and have weekends off.


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