The story teller

If you tell a story devoid of facts and figures you have a much better chance of getting people to listen and do what you want regardless of whether it is right or wrong or even logical. 

Bernie Sanders is a story teller. 
First, thats not true.  Those figures apply only to the largest companies in America that employ a small fraction of the US workforce. 

Why is it immoral, because a socialist says so? How do we deal with it, have the federal government dictate pay levels? Does he mention that only a percentage of that pay is cash, with most being non cash awards. Why isn’t it immoral what we pay Hollywood stars and athletes?

What harm does overpaying anyone do to others? Clearly some CEOs are overpaid, just like many members of Congress. But that is the problem for their bosses and shareholder and voters. 


  1. Why is it, Mr. Quinn, that Bernie bothers you so much? You post anti Bernie every day! I think that Bernie is hitting your sub-conscious nerves and surfacing facts that you know in your heart are true, but you cannot bring yourself to admit while preserving your far right-wing ideology. As abhorrent as it is to you, single payer health care is absolutely in our future. That is just one example. I really hate to see you suffer so as the new world engulfs you.


    1. Bernie is outright dangerous because he has no real solutions to anything and misleads people with misinformation and half truths and attempts to appeal to people who look for easy solutions not involving them or their money. Follow him on Twitter and you will see what I mean.

      I happen to agree that ultimately we will have a single payer system. That will happen as Obamacare fails to deliver on promises and high deductible plans in the private sector become intolerable and employers abandon the system.

      We have a way to go though because few people truly understand what such a system means. And the likes of Bernie misrepresent such a system as “free.” In fact, it will cost at least 8-10% of pay and that’s only a starter. The reasons other countries spend less on health care is 1 not necessarily good and 2 more a reflection of their populations than their systems. There is not one government based system that does not struggle with growing costs every year.


      1. I am very glad to read that you agree that we will ultimately have a single payer system. I knew that, in your heart, you realized that. Please be more honest on your blog and stop criticizing those who are championing the inevitable that we both agree upon. Thank you!


      2. I don’t champion it, it will not solve the problems as claimed, but human nature being what it is, finding a way to avoid personal responsibility, especially about paying for health care, will be desirable eventually. Most people won’t figure out that paying more in taxes is worse than paying premiums or that such a move represents the ultimate risk pool (paying for high users by healthy citizens) that so many now complain about.


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