Tattoo nation 

According to a new Rasmussen poll, 38% of Americans under age 40 have at least one tattoo. (Based on limited research it appears roughly 25% of those have more than one tattoo), 

The cost of creating a tattoo is between $150 and $200 an hour. 

Perhaps we should make them free for the struggling middle-class, those with student loans and those who can’t afford to save. 

What do you say Old Bernie?



  1. Between the bad artists and some bad placement of tasteless tattoos, I am not a fan of tattoos. No matter how I feel about people wasting money that they don’t have on on tattoos, I do have to give these people some credit. Even if a tattoo is not an asset that can be sold at least they will have it for life for good or bad. How many of the have not’s and the have’s waste money on booze or gambling? My ex neighbors could not pay their electric bill but could get a room comp’d at the casinos. Both groups of people claim they can’t save their money or pay their bills but fail to realize it is because of their bad life choices and in my opinion should get no help from me.


  2. Personally, I find tattoos to be a disgusting deformity of the human body more expected in the Amazon jungle than in a civilized nation. I think “Old Bernie” would ask for a correlation between college graduates with both tattoos and unpaid student loans which I don’t see here? Beyond that, anyone with a tattoo who doesn’t save for retirement is clearly an idiot. Throw in body piercings, too! I hope neither you or anyone else does further research on this subject, but I am quite certain that the research would clearly demonstrate that tattooed people are largely white trailer trash, Teapublikkkan supporters, Trump supporters, racists, bigots, white supremacists, 8th grade graduates (after their third try), residents of the racist and bigoted deep south, professional black athletes, proud Harley Davidson riders, gun owner fanatics, NRA members, and inner city gang members. In short Republican voters.


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