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Isn’t it interesting that we look at two people late in their lives and have sympathy for one with fewer resources and envy and disdain for the other with greater resources, but never ask how or why of either?

Perhaps if we looked at the same two people in their younger years and at mid-life the picture would be clearer. 



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  1. Have to start the comparison at birth, or even before birth. All of life is risky, however, preparation is an assignment that never seems to be taught or learned by many Americans.

    Should people be allowed to procreate without first demonstrating they can provide optimal guidance and support?

    Many believe the age old process for making/underwriting major purchases has been broken by government – 100% loans for homes for those without means (expecting the government or banks -actually bank customers – to eat the losses).

    Or say student loans, sometimes over $200,000 for degrees leaving the individual unable to secure employment (roecently adding a goofy taxpayer funded forgiveness scheme that disproportionately benefits Georgetown law and other graduate students who take government jobs for 10 years).

    Which then raises the ugly concept of more government mandates – saving, family, etc.

    If we are to be free to choose, that includes freedom to choose and fail.

    It is American’s stupid belief that all should succeed despite our poor choices that is the problem…after all, we are a rich country and can afford it. See, war on poverty. Somehow, Americans believe I should be insulated from my choice of the wrong career, from my choice of the wrong home, from my choice of the wrong (you fill in the blank). That needs to be unlearned. In its place should be, all should have an opportunity to succeed … Supporting property laws, primary and secondary education, freedom to pursue dreams, and to re-start, change, head into a new direction after failure.

    People need to know it is not ok to shift the burdens of their failures to future generations.


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