Perfect example of the dangerous far left

Here is a perfect example of Old BS and the left’s promotion of envy and class warfare. This rhetoric in sound bites without substance is as dangerous as the far right attacking immigrants. 

Do you believe that half of Americans simply cannot save or is it because of how they set priorities for needs, wants and desires? 

And what about the Walton family, did they steal their wealth? Is the bulk of their wealth in shares of stock of a company that changed retail sales, created millions of jobs and made essential goods and services more affordable to Americans? Don’t like the Waltons; don’t shop in their store and don’t work for them. 

Do you want more savings and would you like to have just a fraction of the Walton’s money? Me too! You aren’t going to get anywhere listening to the likes of Bernie the socialist. He lives in a fantasy world of a 1960s hippy creating envy and ultimately your dependency on wealth transfer. 



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  1. With 18 trillion in debt, who ever gets in the White House in 2016, will have a tough job ahead. 18 Trillion is what is in all the retirement accounts in the U.S.and I could see the government taking it all to pay off the debt. Of course they would give everyone a big fat IOU with a 2% per year interest payment. Never say never. Then they could start over and not have to keep issuing bonds, every month.


  2. It was funny, when I start to read this I didn’t think Walmart I was thinking The Waltons family as in the TV show. I wonder if Bernie Sanders would the feel the same way if the wealth was a family own mountain in Vermont. Would he want to take away every family’s land in Vermont and give it to others from out of state?


  3. I do believe that half of Americans don’t save, which is different than not being able to. I agree with you about that. They bought into the postwar lie of endless consuming, and current wages can’t support that level of extravagance. In no other country do people with median incomes leverage their futures trying to own huge houses and bling cars.

    The surviving Waltons all inherited their wealth. They own more than 50% of the company collectively, but take no active part in running it, so one can’t fairly connect whatever is right or wrong about WalMart to them. According to Forbes, they don’t even contribute to their own family’s foundation (one of the largest nonprofits), but instead live as the world’s richest trust fund babies. I frankly couldn’t live with myself if I had that kind of wealth and didn’t use some of it to solve problems or transform society, but it’s their choice if they just want to sit on a giant pile of gold.

    Since Bernie Sanders isn’t going to get the nomination, it doesn’t much matter what he believes, except as a way to force Mrs. Clinton to respond to his issues and offer her alternatives.


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