Guaranteed “free” health care- Old BS asks why not?

“What is stopping us from guaranteeing free, quality health care as a basic fundamental right for all Americans? I believe the answer ties into campaign finance reform,” Mr. Sanders said in the email, which went out this week. “The truth is, the insurance companies and the drug companies are bribing the United States Congress.” Source: New York Times 12-24-15

I wonder, is there a difference between free and affordable? Apparently not in the mind of old BS. 

No country in the world, not even his beloved Denmark, provides free health care. Every country struggles with keeping health care affordable, every country takes steps to cope with growing costs, but you don’t hear Mr Sanders speak about that. 

Every country pays for its “free” health care through some combination of high taxes, premiums, co-payments and generally some form of rationing. And in many cases citizens buy supplemental insurance to obtain the care they desire. 

Think about Sander’s statements and ask how health care will be paid for if it’s free to patients and if it is free to patients why should they care about the cost of the care? If patients don’t care about the cost of the care they receive because it’s free, how will this fundamental right be affordable?

Of course the answer is that health care will never be free,  while affordable is a relative term. After all, we already have “affordable health care” do we not? 

Statements made by Old Bernie like those above are not only naive, they show a disregard for the common sense of his audience … and they are dangerous because sadly, many people believe what he says. 

P.S. Don’t people go to jail for accepting a bribe?


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