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Victimhood – the friend of politicians, especially on the left

Who knew it was a condition, a condition studied by experts? I thought it was just populist political rhetoric. Who wouldn’t conclude that after seven years of politicians, especially, but not exclusively on the left, creating and encouraging Victimhood. 

What else has been the theme and message of the Obama administration? Victimhood is the very essence of the Sander’s campaign with his inequality drum beat followed by promises of free stuff. And Trump plays the victim card as well in some of his hateful rhetoric. 

Read comments on this blog and you will see the victim theme especially from senior citizens. 

Take a look at this summary from the op-Ed section of the New York Times:

The victimhood industry has made us poorer citizens and more divided than ever. How do we distinguish real victims in a culture of complaint? … 

Second, look at a movement’s leadership. The fight for victims is led by aspirational leaders who challenge us to cultivate higher values. They insist that everyone is capable of — and has a right to — earned success. They articulate visions of human dignity. But the organizations and people who ascend in a victimhood culture are very different. Some set themselves up as saviors; others focus on a common enemy. In all cases, they treat people less as individuals and more as aggrieved masses.

In my opinion victimhood not only divides, but demeans us, takes away our initiative  and drive and encourages an entitlement mentality. If I am convinced I am a victim, then I have a perfect excuse to avoid my responsibility and can look to others to do for me … which is exactly what politicians want. 

Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness 

Be sure and read the full article NYTimes: The Real Victims of Victimhood 12-27-15




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  1. Great Article, I am surprised it made into the NY Times. We are all victims of a political system that has failed to manage our government without running up 18 trillion in debt. I have voted for both Dummycrats and Ripoffagains over the last 42 years. My life has not improved because of any politician taking office. It may have become worse for many because of who was elected, but I am not sure on that one. Improving ones life is each individual’s job not the job of government or anyone else and the sooner people wake up to that little fact the better off this country will be.


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