Amazing how how things work – Obamacare 

Let me see if I have this right. Obamacare is pushed through by the Obama administration with unanimous support of a Democratic Congress that admittedly did not know all the provisions of the law.

Right off the bat there were delays, tweaking and in some cases simply not implementing provisions of the law.

Now, with the support of many prominent Democrats, there is a two-year delay in a key provision of Obamacare; the 40% tax on so-called high value health plans. You see,  this is one area where Democrats gored the wrong Ox … union plans, especially public employee plans which are among the highest cost in the Country. Large employers were not thrilled with the tax either.

imageNo matter that delaying, and you can be sure extending the delay or simply repealing the tax, will add to the federal deficit.  All that matters now is keeping a voting (and donation) block happy.

The Cadillac tax is one of many poorly conceived taxes part of Obamacare that are based on bad assumptions and which ignore unintended consequences, but the damage is done as employers wanting to avoid the tax have already cut benefits and shifted more costs to workers … that’s struggling middle-class workers looking for a raise in pay by the way.


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  1. The most important point here is that D’s and R’s are more than willing to spend money of generations yet unborn to maintain what would otherwise be unsustainable entitlements. No way to hold president Obama responsible for his lie that PPACA won’t add one thin dime to the deficit – with the assent/agreement of most congressional republicans. So, by their actions, the republicans are as responsible for PPACA as the D’s – maybe more so in the future since they lose all leverage.


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