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Young people tend to support Socialism

A May study from the market research firm YouGov found that 26 percent of people ages 18 to 39 have a favorable opinion of socialism, compared with only 15 percent of people older than 65. The Pew Research Center has also found that almost half of people ages 18 to 49 view socialism favorably. Source: NPR

The promise of “free” college and health care and, more is appealing, especially if you are young and your brain is still not fully developed, even if you are in college.

The younger generation may have had a tough time graduating and then finding a job during the recession and thus concludes the American Dream is not up to par so socialism must be a better way.

Do people under age 30 even know what tough times are?

When I was growing up we hid under our school desks practicing for nuclear war. We (or at least our parents) worried about polio and other diseases and some of us saw what it did to friends. We thought about being drafted and going to Vietnam. Some of us had a hard time finding a job after high school because college was out of the question. Some of us had our national guard units called to active duty with no employer salary or benefits to cushion the financial blow. Some of us raised children (successfully) and our time off was the vacation we saved for the purpose.  Some of us had mortgages at 9-3/4 % interest with 20% down required. Some of us never used credit cards and avoided debt, and stayed in a home for decades and actually bought a car we kept until it stopped moving.

And these were the good times.

Think about the Americans born in the early 20th Century and before and what they endured.

imageSocialism isn’t paid for only by the rich, everyone pays higher taxes and in return the State decides how to spend your money; nothing is free.

Socialism is great at allowing the ants to take care of the grasshoppers.

Let’s be blunt. Opportunity still abounds despite what some our leaders tell us. Get off your duff and do what is necessary to reach your goals. Work two jobs, define your career, be prudent spending and saving and with life choices.

We need more ants, not more grasshoppers. If capitalism doesn’t work for you, maybe they have an opening at the Lego factory in Denmark.


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  1. IT’s hard to take when the world changes around you and you don’t like where it is going, Mr. Quinn. That’s what is facing you on the far right. We’re the same age. I get it, why don’t you? Just go with the flow and realize you are now a minority.


    • First, would u stop classifying me as far right. I am not that at all; somewhat right of center but hardly far right.

      Second, the United States did not get where it is by being socialist and it will not stay there by heading more toward socialism. Despite all the rhetoric on the left, Americans do quite well, even relatively speaking, the people we call poor. Young people have no clue what it takes to run a socialist country or the price that is paid for being taken care of by government.

      I once had a discussion with an acquaintance who while sitting in a cafe in Venice began ranting about how unfair things were, about the wealthy, etc. He said everyone should earn the same and was quite serious. This guy was a small business owner so I asked him if he wanted to earn what the average American did, he quickly said yes. When I told him what that was he shut up because as you can imaging his hard work running a florist shop brought him quite a bit more.

      Our system is where it is today because of a changing global economy that is equalizing US workers closer to the rest of the world and all have enjoyed lower prices as a result, but of course don’t want a lower standard of living.

      As I’m sure you realize, the wealth of most of our few hundred billionaires and few hundred thousand millionaires comes mostly from investing and money as risk such as stock awards. How is it unfair for a person to make (or lose) money in the stock market or real estate or start a company and make a billion $ with an IPO and in the process create a new industry?

      When inflation ticks up so will pay? When the economy demands more and more skilled workers pay will rise. What the average American does with it will determine their future.

      I don’t know about you but I grew up decidedly lower middle-class and never lived in a house until I was married. I went to college at night for nine years after the army. I find it very difficult to show empathy for many young people today who complain and have more now than I had at their age. Two of my sons both with college degrees and one with a masters are trying to cope raising a family. They both have decent jobs but to get ahead one got his real estate license to sell part-time and the other does home remodeling part-time and collects scrap metal to sell (this is the one with a masters in finance).

      I worked two or more jobs most of my life to meet my goals one of which was a financially secure retirement. I recall going to a financial planner in 1973 or so when I was 40. I outlined my goals which included sending four children to college (1,2 or 3 in college every year for ten years in a row). He politely, but literally laughed.

      Somebody has to convince me why hard work, common sense and prudent life (including financial) choices can’t get you ahead today as well.

      The system is no more rigged or unfair than it was in years past. What’s changed dramatically in my opinion is the work ethic, drive, ambition and entitlement mentality of many people.

      If you think I’m wrong, don’t rant about Teapublicans, give me your views. Did somebody hand you everything as you went through life? I bet not.


      • I would be insulted, too if someone labeled me as “far right”. I’ll stop exposing that no matter what you write.
        Are Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and the ACA Socialism? Are crop insurance, food stamps, meals on wheels, Head Start, veterans’ benefits, etc., Socialism? Are the recipients of these programs “being taken care of by government”? Is that therefore wrong in some way? The answer from Republicans to that question is, “yes”.
        “Young people have no clue ……. the price that is paid for being taken care of by government.”
        Each Year , since the recession, America’s richest 1% have made more than the cost of all U.S. social programs.
        In effect, a reverse transfer from the poor to the rich. Even as conservatives
        blame Social Security for being too costly.
        Much of the 1% wealth just sits there, accumulating more wealth. The numbers are nearly unfathomable. Depending on the estimate, the 1% took in anywhere from $2.3 trillion to $5.7 trillion per year.
        Even the smaller estimate of $2.3 trillion per year is more than the budget for the budget for Social Security ($860 billion), Medicare ($524 billion), Medicaid ($304 billion), and the entire safety net ($286 billion for SNAP, WIC [Women, Infants, Children], Child Nutrition, Earned Income Tax Credit, Supplemental Security Income, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, and Housing).
        That would be “the price for being taken care of by government.”
        Having been in building materials retailing all of my working life, I witnessed companies discovering cheaper goods being manufactured overseas and, once one company began to take advantage of it, all others had to follow or perish. Corporate greed trumped the effects upon the U.S. economy. During the following years, corporate greed has only grown. CEO’s must produce short term results or jump with their golden parachutes.
        The situations of your two sons are perfect examples of “the system is rigged”. They did everything Dad said and it’s not working out like Dad said it would. I guess Dad is saying, “Wait for inflation to tick up and your salaries will increase.”
        “Someone has to convince me why hard work, common sense and prudent life (including financial) choices can’t get you ahead as well.” It seems to me that your two sons would be easily able to convince you of that.
        “The system is no more rigged or unfair than it was in years past.”
        The 5 to 4 SCOTUS declared that “money equals speech” enabling the Koch Brothers to buy the best congress that right wing money can buy. Tax inversion allows corporations to legally evade United States income taxes. Koch Brothers money has bought and paid for Republican majorities in 25+ states that are implementing gerrymandering and Democratic voter suppression. Republicans oppose a path to citizenship for Latino immigrants because they may vote Democratic and, after hearing Trump, they probably would. Those are a few examples of the system being more rigged than in the past.
        Democrats outnumber Republicans in this country and, when they vote, Republicans have no prayer.
        No one handed me anything as I went through life. My father died when I was 18 years of age.


      • U need to explain this “In effect, a reverse transfer from the poor to the rich.” How does a growing stock market equal taking anything from the poor? Also, no amount of money can buy Congress UNLESS biters vote the bums into office and keep them there and the bums allow themselves to be influenced. When was hard work and a little more not necessary to get ahead. I used to work 50-60 hours a week fir decades. Long before any nonsense about taking from others and fairness. I know people who elected not to do that, but to do only what was necessary and they ended up quite average … and quite liberal as I recall.


      • When introduced both SS and Medicare were widely opposed as being socialist. Social Security was designed to be self funding, pay as you go. But over the years benefits were improved and demographics changed but politicians failed to makes the changes necessary for funding. Many retirees still think they paid for their SS and Medicare.

        Now we are faced with trillions of dollars in unfunded liabilities while the likes of Sanders call for raising benefits. The result will be higher taxes on the middle class and more resources devoted to the older population at the expense of the younger. I don’t see that as fair.

        Medicare funding is even in worse shape. Politicians like to make great (even socialist style) promises but then ignore the consequences and refuse to tell people in truth. At least in Europe they know they need high taxes … on everyone.

        There is nothing wrong with temporary assistance for the needy that’s a necessity. The problem comes when success is defined as more and more people using the programs and becoming dependent on them when the goal should be economic progress so these programs are less and less necessary.


    • Mr Quinn is quite right. Thanks to the demand for lower prices Walmart and other retailers and manufacturers had to cut labor cost. Big business demanded global trade deals to survive and the government delivered in order to keep American products being shipped overseas. The net result of the global economy is the labor costs will lower to the lowest paid worker in the world. China is losing jobs because their labor start to become too expensive and the jobs moved to other countries with lower cost and less regulations.

      Socialism does not work either. People lose the motivation to produce. Why should I work harder than the lazy guy next to me? Finland is now considering giving every citizen rich and poor $10k a year and get rid of most social programs because it will be cheaper. They hope the lack of cash in some peoples pockets will motivated them to find a job.

      I am a capitalist, independent voter that leans republican, a member of the IBEW which should make me a democrat, but I believed in limited social support programs. I believe in a that government should provide for common community needs such as a basic education. I believe that you should be able to keep what you earn and that you are entitled to nothing you do not earn. I expect that government to spend our tax money wisely.

      It seems that democrats want it all and are willing to tax for it and the Tea Party wants it all by cutting taxes. I am not against raise the road fuel tax to repair our roads because the cars and trucks that use them should pay not the people who take mass transit. As a policy mass transit and railroads should be subsidize to save tax money spent on building more roads which cause more traffic jams. I am sure there is a compromise in all of that but nobody can find stick to the far right or the far left.

      What I am against is taxing my income because someone chooses to drop out of high school 5 months from graduation, does drugs and then wants a handout. There are plenty of honest hard working people who are having a hard time making it but they made too many bad choices with their money and life. If I feel that they should work hard to solve their problems instead of government keeping them down by giving them free money then call me a right wing nut too.

      I think the way to find solutions is to find common ground not calling people right wing nuts or left wing nuts. This forum has made me think about things with a different points of view and trying to be support with facts.

      I also worked two jobs for many years and will get to enjoy a retirement if I live long enough, don’t tax it away to fund your existence.


  2. “26 percent of people ages 18 to 39 have a favorable opinion of socialism, compared with only 15 percent of people older than 65. ”

    Nobody supports socialism more than the 65 and older crowd.

    Don’t touch my social security.
    What, no COLA this year.
    Don’t raise my Medicare premium


  3. I guess the affects of the helicopter moms is start to show with the “I am entitled and give me, give, give me for nothing attitudes”. I had a 10% mortgage and I lived the high inflation of the early 1980s. My son was in Iraq when gasoline hit $4 a gallon. I keep telling him that both inflation and high gas prices will return in his life time. Gas may not go back up for another decade but one day it will. These socialist are going to scream give me, give me, give me and the politicians will and then tax them, tax them, tax them, (I hope) or they will bankrupt the country. And why do people want free college? There seem like there is an oversupply of college graduates who cannot find a job to pay back their student loans. If you want to learn things about the world, turn off the TV and read a book, go to a museum.


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