Another bad idea to reform healthcare … this time from Dr Carson

I won’t say much, you can read the short summary here, but suffice to say it’s another bad (Republican) idea for health care .. This time from Dr. Carson who you would think would know better.😷

Based on his statements, he doesn’t even appear to know how Obamacare works or who it actually affects. 

He effectively wants to change health care into a defined contribution benefit using a form of health savings account. Don’t know how that works? Ask a friend with a high deductible health plan and HSA … and medical expenses. 😳


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  1. Actually, just like Medicare, any option that seeks to insulate individuals from everyday medical expenses will be way too expensive to sustain.

    I am a retiree with a HDHP/HSA and significant medical expense – last three years running (including arthroscopic surgery just a week ago).

    HDHP /HSA doesn’t work if you don’t fund the account. Fund the account IN ADVANCE. That is the failure most individuals have who find HDHP/HSA insufficient. The alternative is to pay greater premium for coverage you won’t need every year.

    If I were king, this would be my solution as well – individual lifetime accounts for all but catastrophic expense.

    For catastrophic expense, I would not try to cover that in an individual policy, leaving individuals to deal with potential anti-selection. Same for group plans -such as employer plans – they are in no position to cover unlimited expense.

    Catastrophic costs should be born by taxpayers -as they are costs that should be shared as a society … Socialized.

    This concept has been embraced by both D’s and R’s – just none in a position to push their agenda.

    I have a one page white paper summary if you want a copy.


  2. The whole move by government taking over healthcare has resulted in higher cost for most and less benefits provided by the employer because of higher costs. You can not have your cake and eat it too. Dr. Carson’s plan will cost the taxpayers too much just like PPACA. The only way to control costs is to go to a single payer system and get the insurance companies out of healthcare.


    • Ultimately you may be right, but the insurance companies are not the problem and never were. Self-insured plans which cover about 70 million Americans have the same cost problems.


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