Hillary has some scary ideas … really scary👹👻

The New York Times, The Opinion Pages|Hillary Clinton: How I’d Rein In Wall Street


First, we need to further rein in major financial institutions. My plan proposes legislation that would impose a new risk fee on dozens of the biggest banks — those with more than $50 billion in assets — and other systemically important financial institutions to discourage the kind of hazardous behavior that could induce another crisis. I would also ensure that the federal government has — and is prepared to use — the authority and tools necessary to reorganize, downsize and ultimately break up any financial institution that is too large and risky to be managed effectively. No bank or financial firm should be too big to manage.

Read the above carefully and then re-read it. I hope you conclude this is very scary talk. Who gets to decide what is too large to manage? What type of Ametican business is next on her list? 

Perhaps we would be better served asking what government agency is too big to manage‼️

Not convinced Clinton is dangerous? Read the above in the context of a politician who believes this


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