Bernie Sanders on ISIS

Outside of Iran and Iraq only a relatively small portion of the population of Middle East countries are Shia Muslims, the sect ISIS considers apostates and who they indiscriminately execute. For example, in Saudi Arabia 10-15% of the population are Shia, the balance Sunni. 

If we accept we are essentially facing a religion driven war, if not an outright religious war, should we not consider the implications which seem paramount within the Muslim religion?

Speaking on December 6 #Sen Sanders supported western involvement against ISIS, including air strikes, but flatly dismissed any boots on the ground involvement instead stating repeatedly that only Middle East countries must provide the troops to fight ISIS. 

That all sounds pretty good and benign from a voters perspective. After all, who wants to get his hands dirty if not necessary? The problem is Old Bernie seems as naive as Obama. Would Sunni populations accept fighting other Sunnis? If these other countries had non-religious concerns about ISIS, why haven’t they acted already?

Sanders has a wealth of ideas and a dearth of  practical and common sense. There is another concern about placing Sanders in a position of dealing with the Middle East. Simply put. He is Jewish. Of course that shouldn’t matter under normal circumstances, but it sure matters in that part of the world. 


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