Hillary knows better than the Founders

The Founders set this up, the separation of powers, making it difficult to get things done. 

Hillary Clinton telling Charlie Rose why Washington isn’t working. 

If I hadn’t heard it with my own ears I might not have believed it. Here we have a former US Senator and Secretary of State lamenting the structure of our government, indeed using it as an excuse for the failure of our politicians. 

One can only speculate what her alternative may be, but the prospects of Clinton believing government would work better if say the Executive branch had disproportionate power is outright scary.

The fact it is difficult to get things done is generally positive if it gets people to consider consequences and compromise and checks power grabs by elements of government.

Not getting much done in today’s environment is the direct result of career politicians protecting their turf, placing party above country and subverting the interests of Americans to those who they allow to influence them. 

What a sad commentary that after over 200 years our leaders admit they can’t make our government work. 


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