How much do people receive in premium subsidies under Obamacare?

If you have ever wondered how much of a premium subsidy you would receive if you enrolled in Obamacare, here is a handy calculator to make that determination. Following is an example:

So, a couple age 64 enrolled under Obamacare will pay on average $147 per month for coverage. 

On the other hand, a couple age 65 on Medicare will pay $243.60 per month in 2016 plus the Part D premium plus the cost of supplemental coverage (about $500 or more a month). 

Ah, what’s happening here?👅


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  1. Nothing in the post explains what kind of health care insurance coverage you are talking about. Nothing about deductibles. Nothing about prescription drug schedules, “scheduled tiers”, etc. . Nothing about “standard of care”, or “reasonable and customary charges” as described under Medicare vs. a private insurance plan. The devil is in the details. You left out the devil.


    • Regardless of those factors, the exchange for similar income and age people is better than Medicare. Between standard premiums for B and D and supplemental coverage a couple will pay about $10,000 a year or more.


      • ACA is a government program that we cannot afford, period. The government is the problem, no matter how much money it takes in taxes or borrows, it is mismanaged at every level. The bigger questions to ask is, what can we cut that the government screws up. ACA, Post Office, Dept of Education, (The schools did just fine before the DoE was created in 1980), Dept of Agriculture. Many things the federal government does, can and should be done at the state level.
        We have had almost zero inflation for the last 10 years, yet the federal government has grown over 8% per year, how is that working for you.
        I saw a report that the government spends 127 million each year making the penny, 1.7 cents to make each penny and only 1/3 stay in circulation. Enough to pay 8,466 people the average monthly SS check.

        “I just don’t think they owe the older generation more. We didn’t pay for the benefits we receive, most of the cost is carried by the next generation.”

        That is the way Social Security has always worked and with a few adjustments in tax rates and COLA payouts the system could keep paying the benefits. Examples-index the tax rate to inflation, only grow the wage / benefit formula by inflation not what real wages increase. -1 percent COLA for the top 20% on Social security, with a limit of 50%. of benefits subject to income tax.

        Some high earners did pay, my sister paid in over $210,000 over 35 years. It will take her 9.5 years to get back everything she paid in. The big question is if that same money was invested over the last 35 years would she be better off.

        My 30 year old son and his employer will pay in over $322,000 over the next 35 years, this adds up to real money.


  2. This is the government way, screw the retiree at every turn. Many people I know cannot afford to buy a Medicare supplemental policy. Bankruptcy for medical bills is a growing reality, if anything major happens. They call them your golden years??? No gold, no silver, just debt. What a country.


    • You blame the Country and government, but how do people spend a lifetime of work and get into the position you relate? What happened along the way? Were they poor all their lives? Most people I know do quite well in retirement and were basically middle class all their lives.


      • Not everyone makes $100,000 per year. I have never made more than $35,000 per year and have done ok. But, you sure like blaming people. But you let the government and corporations off the hook. You did not save enough, you did not go to the right school, you need to work three $9 per hour jobs. All the while the government wastes money on crony capitalism. Look at any government budget and you can see there is plenty of waste. So, you know a few of your peers that are doing ok, big deal. My aunt and uncle lived the middle class dream in CA, Sold their home and business in 1990, moved to St. George Utah. Built a $750,000 home to keep from paying income taxes.
        Fifteen years later and two illnesses took all their savings and most of their wealth went to the health care industrial complex.
        What a country..


      • But you blame government, who is government? What you are saying is that other people who pay taxes to the government should pay more taxes to assure that older people have greater benefits. What about the families today who earn $40-$50,000, can they afford to provide greater support to those of us on Medicare and Social Security? My four children are trying to save for retirement, college educations for their children and cope with the expenses of daily living including ever higher health care costs. I just don’t think they owe the older generation more. We didn’t pay for the benefits we receive, most of the cost is carried by the next generation.


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