Outrageous compensation – where there is real inequality. 

More than $142 mil­lion in bonuses last year; outrageous! Instead of giving out bonuses, companies should be more concerned about their customers, more concerned about growing income inequality. Oh wait, those bonuses were actually given out last year by the Department of Veterans Affairs – no doubt for administrative excellence.

Do you get a bonus every year? Do you have a traditional pension? Are you largely insulated from downsizing and meaningful performance evaluation. 

businessman_getting_screwed_lg_clrAccording to a Cato In­sti­tute analysis the av­er­age fed­eral em­ployee earned $84,153 in 2014—roughly 50% more than the av­er­age worker in the pri­vate econ­omy. Add in the value of health care and pen­sions, and total com­pen­sa­tion rises to $119,934— about 80% higher than the average American.

You can rant about the difference between CEOs, and billionaires and average Americans all you want. The fact is the type of inequality that actually affects average people is the income differences like those shown above. Not only do government workers have a sweet deal, the average American with significantly less compensation is paying the bill. Add in similar generous packages for many state workers and you know where income inequality really matters.


  1. No one is paying the bill. 18 plus trillion dollars in debt and growing by 3 million per minute. My only question is when will the government PONZI scheme implode? 2025, 2035, 2045 your guess is as good as mine!


      1. I guess the corrupt government officials believe they can just keep making promises that they will never have to keep. Just crazy.


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