Observations on life

Happy Thanksgiving 

Stop showing off and run!

Despite this crazy troubled world we live in, we have a lot to be thankful for.

Did you know that the first official thanksgiving ceremony in America was not in Massachusetts, but in Virginia … no food served there though.



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  1. Sheeple can be stupid when ti comes to shopping. I am amazed that with a little time spent searching on the internet you can find better prices before and after Black Friday. I have always made purchases throughout the year, not at some special time, just because of marketing. When I had kids at home we spent very little on Christmas. What good would it do to buy new bicycles for my 4 kids in Montana, in December, average hi-35, lo-15. New bikes, if purchased, were a reward for good grades in June. I now have 4 adult children who know the reason for the season and are savers not spenders.


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