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  1. I picked 30%. I am in the flat tax camp. 10%, 20%, or 30% is still 10%, 20% or 30% of your income and a fixed tax rate is fair to everybody and everybody pays the same percentage. Since most “poor” do not pay anything, I do not know why they complain about income tax rates. Is it fair that one person who works 40 hours a week has 50% of his pay taken away while another person who works 40 hours a week gets to keep all of his pay? Higher income tax rates are like a smart tax on people who made smart choices about their life, stayed in school, and stayed sober. How is that fair?

    Sales and VAT taxes are fair only to tax people who buy and use certain items but they are very regressive. A low income person trying to buy a refrigerator is going to pay a higher percentage of their income for the sales tax than the one percent-er.

    I am not a hardliner on the flat tax because I realize that there are problems with a flat tax too. I also realize that certain tax laws such as mortgage deduction attempt to support social change and other government policies for good or bad. I also feel that all of the “free” services should count as income to the poorer people and let them be taxed for that too after all I get taxed on some of my work benefits right now.


  2. I chose 20% and wondering if a flat tax is at all possible … Let’s see Lawyers, CPA’s, public accountants, paper companies like Weyerhauser, 80% IRS agents, manipulating large company accounting departments, auditing firms and more will be unemployed.


    • A flat tax is never going to happen, there are too many people that make money saving the rich money, using the 70,000 page tax code to make sure some pay less and less. Like GE paying zero taxes on 4 billion in profits in 2010.
      I think the first $50,000 should be exempt from federal income taxes for everyone. Then start taxing from $50,000 and up, no other deductions for anyone. I bet the tax rates could be much lower, without all the loopholes.
      But, again this will never happen it would help the middle class and the top 20% will have none of that.

      The only way most have been able to maintain the illusion of a middle class standard of living over the last 40 years is with credit.
      And the government took the interest tax deduction away in 1986 for the individual. But of course they left it for the business owners.

      I chose 50% someone making $400,000 per year would still have $200,000 left. $225,000 if the first $50,000 is exempt.
      The family would still have 4 times more than the average of $50,000. The $200,000 is 10 times more than what my wife and I live on each year and we have not missed any meals lately.

      Of course we are talking about taxable income here, so we never really know what deductions or exemptions are used to lower that amount of income subject to taxation. With over 70,000 pages it would be hard to tell if anyone is paying their fair share.

      I think with over 18 trillion in debt, no one is paying enough. Our government is not doing a very good job with its budget, over spending and under collecting across the board.


  3. the tax rate should be whatever the tax code specifies as passed by Congress. If it is the law then that is what should be followed if you want to charge more (whatever “fair share” is) let congress change change the law


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