Affordable to whom?

Here is a message I received from

Quality health coverage may be more affordable than you think. 8 out of 10 people who enrolled in a health plan at qualified for financial help to make their monthly payments more affordable. In fact, most people can find monthly premiums for $75 dollars or less per month.

The question is, is something really more affordable because somebody else is paying for it; in this case taxpayers or perhaps more accurate the federal deficit?

And how do we encourage people to do better economicaly, to earn more for their family when all or a portion of any  gain is lost because they lose subsidies like this?  Imagine if we raise the minimum wage to $15 and as a result a few hundred thousand families lose their health care subsidies. 

It’s a trap disguised as a benefit. Listen to the promises of Old Bernie and you will hear much the same; free this and that ignoring the true cost and not telling people the truth about who will pay. 

Ask the right questions when you are faced with political rhetoric from any source. When you jump on a bandwagon because you are told what you want to hear and not the whole truth and consequences, seems to me you are pretty much a fool. 


  1. I am now over 65, but did apply two years ago and was to pay a premium of , I think $120. 00 and have medicare that no one wants to take also. I went to a office they took all my information and payment then I never got my packet for medical from the one I opted to purchase. I phoned that independent insurance plan and knew all my information was correct yet I did not get it. I was told I would get it in a few days ,
    Then I called back when I did not get it and they wanted my Social Security Number, I said no because it was included in my initial application and I had no clue who wanted it..Then I tried going back to the office, where I applied, because my log in was not longer working and I could not check to see what was going on in the Obama care program and they still send email and I have not way to fix that ID or password, Today I am treated with a fine of over $650.00 if I don’t comply and I can not afford it now ..If they did the job right the first time and I know they did, I think I still have that print out k this would not be happening.


  2. I tried this obamacare..i registered and i was told i qualified for 0 premium..but when i got the information from Humana..itstated i was to pay a monthly me..that was false advertisement..they should not tell people they can get insurance with 0 premium monthly..if that is not true..I cannot afford insurance as i only work PT..and dont even make that much..they should raise the min wage to $15…that way at least then i can afford insurance that way..a better insurance..


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