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Somebody explain legalizing marijuana

I’ve done some searching trying to find something positive about recreational use of marijuana. What I found was not so convincing it’s a good idea … sort of like trying to find something positive about alcohol and DWI which marijuana can also cause.

Visit  WebMD and Drugabuse.gov

No matter, the push is on. 

Support for making marijuana legal is increasing around the world, and that is a good thing. Earlier this week, the Mexican Supreme Court opened the door to legalizing the drug by giving four plaintiffs the right to grow cannabis for personal use…

Laws banning the growing, distribution and possession of marijuana have caused tremendous damage to society, with billions spent on imprisoning people for violating pointlessly harsh laws. Yet research shows that marijuana is far less harmful than alcohol and tobacco, and can be used to treat medical conditions like chronic pain. New York Times editorial 11-5-15

“Far less harmful than alcohol?” Its not harmless, just less harmful. Tell that to the person run down by a driver under the influence. 😳 What, we can’t adjust unfair laws without legalizing this drug?

The liberal mind never ceases to amaze. Pretty soon we will have a male who identifies as a female walking around the girls locker room smoking a joint with his penis hanging out. 😰

So why the push for legalization? There seems to be a common thread in the arguments supporting legalization backed up by the experience of Colorado. (Where the struggling middle-class spends $700 million a year on weed) 

That argument boils  down to one thing that is attractive to politicians. 
Not unlike the obsession with state-run lotteries where many studies show that the poor and low income spend a disproportionate percentage of their income on lotteries. 

LOPEZ: Senator Sanders, right here in Nevada, there will be a measure to legalize recreational marijuana on the 2016 ballot. You’ve said you smoked marijuana twice; it didn’t quite work for you. If you were a Nevada resident, how would you vote?

SANDERS: I suspect I would vote yes.

And I would vote yes because I am seeing in this country too many lives being destroyed for non-violent offenses. We have a criminal justice system that lets CEOs on Wall Street walk away, and yet we are imprisoning or giving jail sentences to young people who are smoking marijuana.

I think we have to think through this war on drugs which has done an enormous amount of damage. We need to rethink our criminal justice system, we we’ve got a lot of work to do in that area.

The Washington Post


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  1. So far politicians have not been the driving force. Marijuana legalization has been happening State by State by majority vote because societal views have changed. The war on drugs is over, drugs won. Time for a different approach and legalization of marijuana is one part of that. Not sure what the rest of the answer is but what we’re doing now is failing, badly.


  2. Being not a marijuana user I really do not know the affects. There is currently a great waste of resources on controlling illegal marijuana sales and crime however I am not for legalizing it. But if it happens so be it.

    My question is marijuana any worse than the health affects or lost time at work due to the abuse of alcohol, cigarettes, or sugar? Operation of machinery while using alcohol is often prevented or tested for in the work place. If you are on heroin, I am guessing that you would be unable to even show up to work. So I really do not see the difference between alcohol and marijuana and I am guessing users of both who show up to work will not be employed very long. Then they will wonder why they are working for minimum wage but that is a choice they could make. I also expect that health insurance will so dictate if you smoke and what you eat so in the end I do not think it will matter in a few decades.


  3. Having pot illegal makes criminals out of otherwise law abiding citizens and creates a black market for the drug cartels to profit.
    You will have people who drive under the influence of alcohol, prescription drugs, legal or illegal drugs, no matter what, that is why we have DUI laws.
    Having legal pot sales controls who can buy it, sell it and grow it. It gets rid of the black market sales or at least cuts them way down, which is a good thing.
    Plus the taxes the government receives can be used for education, and rehab programs.
    This will also allow law enforcement to go after more serious crimes.
    Having pot illegal has not stopped anyone who really wants it, from getting it.
    I know people who tell me that even if pot is legal they will not be buying any.
    Also, I know people who say having pot illegal is not going to stop them from buying it.
    I do not buy pot, it is too expensive, My wife and I live well on $19,644 per year, we do not have money to spend on alcohol, drugs or lottery tickets. It is all about choices, some make good choices, some do not.
    Having something illegal does not mean people are not going to do it.
    When we did not have state lotteries, people went to the local numbers guy and placed their bet every week. At least now the state gets the profit, not the mobster.


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