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Free speech, what free speech?

Dear Student:

Get back to class and do what you are supposed to do while you accumulate student loans that you will eventually default on‼️

Guess what, we will never, ever eliminate all discrimination, forms of racism or prejudice. Nor will we eliminate insensitive, boorish people.  The best we can hope for is being civil to other human beings and apply laws that address real harmful discrimination. If you are so concerned, go protest the lyrics of some of the music you listen to or how some of your heroes treat other human beings.

Surely there are more important things to do than worry about a Halloween costume with an Indian headdress or sombrero.  If you are offended by that because you are Mexican or Native American, you are pretty insecure. Whatever happened to “sticks and stones will break my bones, but names will never hurt me?” Yikes, do you know kids used to call each other hurtful names back in the 50s, yeah and we used to play cowboy and Indians and we had cap guns and pea shooters … and then we grew up.

Time to grow up, finish your education (write a paper on free speech) and get a job … then focus on solving real problems.

 At Claremont McKenna College in California, the junior class president resigned Tuesday after a furor over a Facebook photograph that showed her posing with two women who were wearing sombreros, ponchos and mustaches for Halloween. A campus demonstration followed on Wednesday.

In New Haven, Aaron Z. Lewis, a 21-year-old senior at Yale, used to spend his days studying cognitive science and thinking about what he will do after graduation. Now he is devoting his time to protesting and writing about racial injustice, particularly for black women, on campus and elsewhere.

Roger Lopez, 19, a sophomore studying political science at Yale who grew up in New York City, said some students had been so upset and consumed by recent events that they had asked for extensions on major papers or exams.

Students had even started questioning whether it was appropriate to call the leaders of the university’s residential colleges “masters,” because they thought the term had connotations of slavery.

New York Times 11-13-15

Now for the real important question, do you think all these protests are spontaneous, not connected and sincere? Where is George Soros when you need him?


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