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The minimum wage should be $9.17

Let’s go back to 1961 when there was a major expansion of the workers covered by the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). The minimum wage was $1.15 an hour.

Let’s adjust the hourly rate for inflation since 1961 and you have $9.17. Making such a change and then adjusting the new rate for inflation thereafter should have no major negative impact on business while providing a fair adjustment for minimum wage workers without causing the negative impact of wage compression for other workers.

But of course, the answer to inequality and raising the middle class and below is not raising the minimum wage or EITC or other entitlements, but to encourage and incentivize movement upward. Why do we accept staying in a state of low – income for any period of time?

Why are we wasting so much time on this issue and getting nowhere? If we can apply a COLA to Social Security benefits and to most state and federal employee pensions, why not to the minimum wage?


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  1. No one wasting time on them minimum wage here – except to read article — because quinnscommentary is more interesting just noise – I willing to waste time once in awhile. The minimum wage is a dumb socialist invention so why keep bringing it up.


  2. That is what we did in Montana in 2007, since then minimum wage has gone up 80 cents to $8.05. But I remember all the business owners on TV in 2007 that said it will cost jobs and low profit businesses would have to close their doors.

    If the government did this nationwide it would help low income families and our economy would be better off. More money buying goods in the hands of people that need it. I do not believe it will happen, because then the Dummycrats would lose a issue to campaign on. Also, the Ripoffagains are for big business and want wages to remain low, even if the government will have to provide welfare to the poor.


    • I agree it should be done, but it’s not without the impact of also raising prices which negates some of the gain for low income people. In addition, few minimum wage work for big business.


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