Please Senator Sanders …

 Old Bernie likes to tweet (sure he does). Here is his latest:  

Please, please Old Bernie tell us how you define fair share. 


Yikes, I don’t see Denmark on the top 25 list. 😩


    The charts used are almost worthless. Unless you show effective tax rate per income level it tells you little. Of course the rich will and should pay more in taxes, they have more income than the average worker. But it should be fair at all income levels.
    That is why the first $50,000 should be exempt for everyone. No additional deductions. That way everyone at each income level pays the same effective tax rate. Without all the loopholes and write-offs, the guy making $250,000 pays the same percentage of income as the guy making $400,000 or more. Without all the loopholes in the tax code, rates could be lower at all incomes above the $50,000 exemption. Also, I would like to see the effective tax rates for businesses, I am sure very few pay the 39.1%


    1. So, what’s a fair share? I’m not sure how the tax rate is all that more important than the total taxes contributed.

      Why should anyone making $45,000 not share in the expenses of running the country? Are not “tax loopholes” legal provisions in the tax code? The great middle class and below are the main beneficiaries of the greatest loophole of all; tax-free employer contributions toward health benefits.

      Any aspect of the tax code could be argued unfair to someone. Why should people who choose to have children pay less than those who don’t for example? Or those who buy a home pay less than those who rent or head of household pay more than a family couple? Why should workers with a 401k get a better deal than someone who must rely on a IRA? And on and on.

      Would removing all the so-called loopholes and lowering the rates actually lower taxes? Certainly not, but I am in favor of a flat tax nonetheless.

      And you are right, probably not many corporations pay the top rate on all their income, but it nevertheless drives income and business outside the US.


      1. That is why the $50,000 exemption works the best. The cost of raising a family on $45,000 in today’s economy is very hard. When they move above the $50,000 they will start paying federal income taxes. They still pay plenty of other taxes. The more money you leave in the lower income workers pocket the more they have to spend. Everyone gets the first $50,000 free of federal income tax and it puts the tax burden where it should be on higher income people who can afford it without effecting their ability to provide the basics to their family and have a little left to save for retirement.. This could move many working families off of welfare, or reduce their benefits.

        “Would removing all the so-called loopholes and lowering the rates actually lower taxes? Certainly not, but I am in favor of a flat tax nonetheless.”

        It would insure that each taxpayer at the same income level would pay the exact same tax, this is not so today. If the tax rate is lower you pay less tax, without having to justify not paying the tax because you complied with the loophole rule.


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