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What happened in 1946⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️

America used to be a country of doers, movers and shakers. We were once proud of our individual independence and accomplishments; people were ashamed of taking a hand out as they called assistance. Immigrants came here with nothing and built businesses and assured their children did better. We valued hard work and initiative and risk taking. We did what was necessary to get by. Much of the time I was growing up my father worked seven days a week.

Clearly I am generalizing, but it is nevertheless a reflection of America and it’s citizens for much of its history.

Then in 1946 something happened; we started the boomer generation and then experienced the turmoil of the 1960s and 1970s. Attitudes changed, instant gratification was in vogue, entitlement reigned.

Ever since then we see not a decline in government dependence, but a growth in every government support program from SNAP to EITC, unemployment and other forms of assistance. We seem to find an excuse for every shortcoming; a scapegoat to blame. Billionaires and the 1% are the bad guys of this decade. 

And where has this led us? Well, we have a “democratic socialist” as a serious presidential candidate. This says to me all too many Americans are willing to turn responsibility for their futures over to government. They are willing to pay higher and higher taxes (or perhaps believe only someone else will pay) to receive free education, child care, health care, time off from work and retirement income.

Have Americans really become so indifferent, irresponsible, lazy even that all this promise of socialism is appealing?

What’s your point of view?


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