The outrageous things politician say – and do (This time about Medicare)

Consider this:


What Clinton is talking about is the hold harmless provision in the Social Security Act (1)  that prevents an increase in the Medicare Part B premium if it results in a reduction in the individual’s Social Security monthly benefit. However, this rule does not apply to individuals (and others) who pay more than the standard Part B premium. Quirk in the law? It was quite intentional. Cuts in Medicare? What cuts?

imageAnd the most ironic thing of all … well, most of the people affected by this extraordinary premium increase are what Democrats like to call high income, wealthy, rich. What Clinton and her fellow liberals should worry about is not applying laws equally and hiding the true facts and costs from Americans. And they should worry about what will happen to Medicare premiums after 2016.

Contrary to the statement by Clinton, Democrats controlled Congress when this provision was made permanent and when it was not repealed along with other parts of the law.


(1) Social Security Act §1839(f). This provision was originally created by the Deficit Reduction Act of 1984 (P.L. 98- 369, Section 2302), extended by subsequent legislation, and made permanent by the Catastrophic Coverage Act of 1988 (P.L. 100-360, Section 211(b)) (this provision was not repealed when that law was repealed in 1989). Those who receive RRB benefits are also protected by this provision. The hold-harmless provision was first implemented in January 1987.


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  1. The Dummycrats are good at bait and switch, blame the Ripoffagains to gain an advantage. People have to get smart and realize neither party is for the average citizen. They are out to get as rich and stay as rich as possible. Ever meet a poor politician?????


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