Denmark you say?

Old Bernie has made Denmark famous. Rumor is when he finally realizes he is not president, he will be moving to Denmark because he doesn’t have sufficient assets to retire here. Besides, they have a hippy compound there where he will be very happy. 

But beyond all the free stuff in Denmark, here are a couple of facts according to the CIA fact book. 

Danes living below the poverty line 13.4%

Americans living below the poverty line 15.1%

Danish government tax and revenue as percent of GDP 55.5%

U.S. government tax and revenue as percent of GDP 17.4%

The U. S. doesn’t look so bad after all. 


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  1. To be fair, you might mention that Denmark’s dept per capita is $28,102 while in the US it is $56,867.
    Denmark’s debt to GDP is 46.76% while in the US it’s 104.62%.

    Obviously their tax rates are high…. they pay their bills and don’t leave the mess for their children to deal with.


  2. You know, Mr. Quinn, based on your daily postings, I’m beginning to think that you don’t like Bernie – You recently said that anyone who voted for a candidate that was running on a promise to repeal the ACA “is a fool” – since all of the Teapublikkan candidates are running on that promise, does that make anyone who votes Teapublikkkan a fool? – it’s early in the week, but the best line I’ve heard so far described the entire Teapublikkkan slate of presidential candidates and their campaigns as a dumpster fire!


    • Anyone who votes for anyone based on his or her promise to repeal Obamacare is a fool.

      Old Bernie may be a nice guy even sincere in his views, but he is naive in his approach and is misleading Americans with his simplistic ideas and ignoring of the consequences. If Americans want to live like Europeans that’s fine, but give them the full picture, not just the good sounding stuff.


      • Bernie is an idiot! Denmark has only 5,678,384 citizens and a $59,831 average income, with only 341.95 Billion GDP. Sure you can provide for that low of population, but you have to take over 50% from the economy. I do believe the U.S. will have to raise taxes and cut spending soon, to slow down this coming debt bomb and still provide a minimum of benefits through Social Security and Welfare. But we will all become poorer, just like Denmark.


      • Ergo, Mr. Quinn, anyone who votes Teapublikkkan is a fool – thank you – we agree for once! – By the way, Mr. Quinn, did you have your finger in the wind and learn that Liberals in Canada just won a “landslide” election? – we are the same age – do you yet sense the way of the future in our entire world? – here’s a hint: Reich Wing Conservatism is on life support and failing fast the world over – I could write pages and pages, but I’m certain that you get it – best to you, sir


      • I do not and never have supported the far right, Teaparty or anything like it nor do I support the far left like Sanders. Both views are extreme and carry false promises.

        Anyone who voted for someone because they promise to repeal Obamacare is a fool as is anyone who voted for someone who promised free stuff paid for by higher taxes on billionaires.


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