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“The American people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn emails!” Old Bernie

Are Republicans seeking to make political hay out of the Clinton e-mail issue? Of course they are just as Democrats would if the shoe was on the other foot. 

Should we dismiss the matter simply because Old Hillary says:

“I’ve taken responsibility for it. I did say it was a mistake,” she said.

Isn’t that like saying we should dismiss all charges against a bank robber who has taken responsibility? Or that the intent to commit a crime is not a crime if you don’t succeed? 

For the audience to cheer Old Bernie’s statement during the presidential debate is a symptom of the naive, scary mindset of people who are susceptible to populist rhetoric. 

Here is a good assessment of the e-mail issue from the L. A TIMES. I urge you to take a look. 

The issue is not that we are tired of hearing about the e-mails, or even if Clinton sent (or received) classified information intentionally or unintentionally or if her server was hacked or there were attempts to hack it. 

The issue is that Clinton violated government procedures knowing full well she was or could be placing US security at risk. The fact nothing may actually have happened (which is still not clear at this point) is irrelevant. If she did nothing wrong that could have had dire consequences, what is she taking responsibility for? If no hacking occurred, if no classified e-mails were received through her server, it was pure dumb luck. Is that something to cheer about?

Don’t worry about the e-mails, worry about the people who are so quick to dismiss risk and consequences that may not fit their agenda. In the real world people get fired for even the appearance of conflict of interest. In the political world, we cheer them when we get bored. 


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  1. Quinn, you are right on target, as usual. I have been saying for months now that she is in clear violation of the Freedom Of Information Act (5 U.S.C. §552) and the Federal Information Security Management of 2002 (44 U.S.C. §3541). Anyone else in the federal gov’t. found guilty of these violations would have their employment terminated. This not a laughing matter and citizens in the know are aware this is a serious matter. She had to know this server/email setup was precarious at best. She needs to be held accountable for her appalling judgment.


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