Another Post For Mr Wilson- war, what war?

Mr Wilson, a regular reader, likes to chastise me for critizcizing President Obama’s foreign policy and strategy or lack thereof. He often says I don’t know what I am talking about and think I know more than the experts, whomever  they may be. When I think about it, those comments could apply to Obama😎

It’s true I don’t have any inside information more than the average American, but like anyone else I can look at the big picture, the political motives and human nature. As I have said before, one side simply can’t declare an end to a war and walk away, that’s called defeat, but more important it sends a clear message to the other side; one that appears to have been received loud and clear in this case. 

Remember Mr Wilson, I didn’t write the following. 

New York Times October 14, 2015

WASHINGTON — With pressure building on the White House to slow or completely halt the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan, senior officials said that President Obama appears increasingly willing to keep a force there large enough to carry on the hunt for Al Qaeda and Islamic State militants.

For President Obama, leaving more than a small force to protect the embassy in Kabul beyond next year would mean abandoning his goal to bring home almost all American troops before leaving office. But even though Mr. Obama has declared the American war in Afghanistan to be over, the Taliban’s recent advances have convinced the Pentagon, many in Congress and much of the national security establishment in Washington that it is critical for American troops to remain there.

The insurgents are now spread through more of Afghanistan than at any point since 2001, according to the United Nations, and last month they seized the city of Kunduz with only a few hundred fighters. At the same time, Al Qaeda operatives are still finding havens in the mountains of Afghanistan, and the Islamic State has gained a toehold by recruiting disaffected Taliban, opening a treacherous new chapter in the war.


  1. Thank you so much for thinking of me, Mr. Quinn. Yes, it is true that I am a regular reader and that I value your experience and intelligence regarding senior healthcare and retirement.
    Repeating my advice to you offered many times, please stick with what you know and understand and admit that world politics and the foreign policy of the United States is not something that you can understand or comprehend.
    George Bush (the dumb one) was led by war criminal Dick Cheney to invade Iraq on completely false pretenses. These two war mongers convinced Americans to invade Iraq after 19 Saudis destroyed the World Trade Center and Dick Cheney personally profited greatly from the Iraq war as CEO of Halliburton. We were not “welcomed as liberators”. Iraqi oil did not “pay for the war”. Bush and Cheney agreed to leave Iraq before President Obama took office.
    George Bush (the dumb one) embroiled our nation in two unwinnable wars and there was never a question from your Reich Wing cohorts about funding those wars?
    The American people are totally opposed to spilling more American blood and wasting more American treasure to continue to babysit cowardly Iraqis who will not fight to preserve their own nation. We shed blood and expended treasure to provide them with a secure nation and they wilted in the face of ISIL.
    The American people are totally opposed to spilling more American blood and wasting more American treasure to continue to babysit cowardly Afghans who will not fight to preserve their own nation. We shed blood and expended treasure to provide them with a secure nation and they wilt in the face of the Taliban.
    We knew that when we left Vietnam the North Vietnamese would rule that country. We knew that when we left Iraq that their cowards would cave to ISIL and abandon their weapons. We knew that when we left Afghanistan that the Taliban would come out of their Pakistan sanctuaries and defeat the cowardly Afghans.
    You and your fellow Reich Wing ideologues place the blame for anything evil that happens anywhere in this world on the foreign policy of the President of these United States. Get prepared, Mr. Quinn, because you will soon have another United States president to blame for all of the evils in this world. Unless, of course, that next president is a Republicakkkan. Then you won’t say one word.
    For how many years have we maintained forces at the DMZ in South Korea? That does not seem to have discouraged that pudgy kid with the bad hair cut from threatening nuclear war.
    You blame our president for every evil event in this world and never offer alternative actions. Do you want an American military force in Iraq for 50+ years to protect the Iraqi cowards that will not fight for their own country against ISIL?
    Do you want an American military force in Afghanistan for 50+ years to protect the Afghan cowards that will not fight for their own country against the Taliban?
    Is that the kind of “leadership” that you and your ilk desire from the president of the United States? Do you want the USA to police the entire world? How will you explain to House Teapublickkkans where the funding for policing the entire world will come from without raising taxes?
    Stick with your expertise and stop your ludicrous foreign policy postings.


    1. You outlook on things would be fine, even desirable if it were the world of the 19th century and all the problems were left where they are. Unfortunately, that is not the case. The world is complex and wishing the US isolation from its problems isn’t going to work. Nobody wants war, but sometimes trying to fix a problem before it grows worse is the best move. Where do you think this will all lead if we just ignore it all?


      1. Mr. Quinn – for every editorial that criticizes our president, I can find and publish two editorials that support his policies on your blog – why waste our time? – there was a time not long ago when our internal political discord stopped at our shores and we presented a united front to the world rather than be the world laughing stock that our Teapublikkkan House has created – you and your ilk are fielding a large and laughable slate of presidential hopefuls that are amusing the entire civilized world with their idiocy and greatly embarrassing our great nation
        Face the facts:
        1) Teapublikkkans are war mongers funded by the military industrial complex that profits from warfare – e.g. war criminal Dick Cheney
        2) Teapublikkkans are dedicated to stealing the next presidential election via voter suppression and Gerry meandering
        3) Teapublikkkans are racists who suppress any class of voters which may vote Democratic and who oppose immigration reform because immigrants may vote Democratic
        4) Three truthful (and very rare) Republicans have just admitted that the House Benghazi committee is a strictly partisan “witch hunt” to damage Hillarie’s electability
        Need I go on? – as I have told you many times before, you are on the wrong side of history and your diatribes are ridiculously outdated


      2. But this is the NYT, his biggest supporter. Why do you ignore the facts and his actions and just revert to your Teapublikkkan nonsense. You want expert opinion. This op-Ed reflects just that. The Republicans have had nothing to do with his policies for six years. Why can’t you talk about anything but the past rather than the decisions of the people in charge now. Talk about diatribes, what are you doing time after time?


  2. The final nail in Obama foreign policy was when President Obama ruled out US military action in Ukraine last year. Go ahead be a bully and take our ball, we will not do anything.


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