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You can lead a horse to water…

Nearly 50% of non-elderly who are uninsured are eligible for Medicaid or subsidized premiums under Obamacare. Yikes😎

Why is the question; I suspect one of the reasons is an irrational opposition to Obamacare otherwise known as shooting yourself in the foot. Cost and simply not paying attention are others, especially when it comes to Medicaid. 

Note that category “In the coverage gap.”  These are people who earn too much to be eligible for Medicaid and earn too little to be eligible for Obamacare. This group was created by the states who did not expand Medicaid under the new rules. Among the 20 states that haven’t expanded Medicaid, the largest number of people in the coverage gap live in Texas (766,000 people), Florida (567,000), Georgia (305,000), and North Carolina (244,000). [Source:Kaiser Health News]

How would you like to be one of these 3 million people trapped by politics?


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  1. 51 % are ineligible, why would you have a government program that really does not cover over half of the population? The people not covered cannot afford the increases in monthly premiums that Obamacare has caused. My sister’s monthly premium went up $300 per month and the deductible went from $2500 to $5000, what a joke. She spends about $1500 out of pocket each year, so this coverage is worthless. If you want to help the middle class how about letting them write off all healthcare costs.


    • That’s ineligible for subsidies which include many who get coverage through employer or simply make too much. Medicaid is screwed up for sure.


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