Health care gems

Kaiser Health News: Hospital Care Unaffected By Quality Payments, GAO Finds 
Kaiser Health News staff writer Jordan Rau reports: “Medicare’s quality incentive program for hospitals, which provides bonuses and penalties based on performance, has not led to demonstrated improvements in its first three years, according to a federal report released Thursday.” (Rau, 10/2)

⬆️ And yet politicians and the Administration throw around the word “quality” like they know what it is, how to measure it and that it is improved.

Kaiser Health News: Insurers Find Out-of-Network Bills As Much As 1,400 Percent Higher 
Kaiser Health News staff writer Anna Gorman reports: “It’s common knowledge that consumers have to pay more money if they choose doctors or hospitals outside of their insurance plan’s network. But a new analysis prepared by the insurance industry seeks to show just how much more in each of the 50 states. Out-of-network providers charged patients on average 300 percent more than the Medicare rate for certain treatments or procedures, according to the analysis of 2013 and 2014 claims data released Thursday by the America’s Health Insurance Plans.” (Gorman, 10/1)

⬆️ Which of course is why they are out-of-network – higher cost does not equal higher quality. 


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