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This one is just for Mr Wilson

… who thinks the Obama administration is doing just fine on the international front. 

Iraq Signs Collaboration Deal With Russia, Iran, Syria on ISIS Fight

Agreement compounds U.S.’s declining influence in Middle East

By MATT BRADLEY in Beirut and NATHAN HODGE in Moscow

Sept. 27, 2015 12:06 p.m. ET

Iraq’s military said Sunday it has signed an intelligence and security cooperation deal with Russia, Iran and Syria to fight Islamic State, an agreement that strengthens ties between the four countries amid increasing Russian military involvement in conflicts in Syria and Iraq.

Americans sacrifice and die and Russia moves in after we “end the war.”

What else needs to be said about American influence?



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  1. Thanks for thinking of me, Mr. Quinn – as our president has said many times, a coalition of Mid-East countries must solve their own problems and we will spend no more American lives to force democracy on heathens because they cannot comprehend the beliefs of The West – the boundaries artificially drawn by The West mean nothing whatsoever to these diverse tribes of Arabs throughout the Mid-East – Russia, Iran and Iraq should shoulder the military conflicts to defeat ISIS – Saudi Arabia and Turkey should join the fray as well – why are they cowardly absent? – our president has repeatedly called for increasing our wind and solar energy production coupled with production of domestic oil to rid ourselves of Mid-East dependence – our president’s efforts to solve these problems have been thwarted by Teapublikkkan House and Senate members who are mere puppets of the Koch Brothers and other wealthy fossil fuel Teapublikkkan campaign contributors – after four years of civil war, there is virtually nothing left for Assad to govern – the cities are destroyed and the citizens are fleeing to Europe by the thousands – Putin wants a warm-water port – who cares? – let him have it and all the grief that goes with dealing with Jihadist terrorists – we can crush him in a heart beat – Americans sacrificed and died on totally false Republican falsehoods exposed by the Bush and Cheney administration’s statements – Cheney personally profited greatly from the war in Iraq at Halliburton – many countries including Canada have declared Cheney to be a war criminal – how can you deny history so ignorantly? – a decrease of US influence in the Middle East” is not a problem whatsoever – Arabs and Muslims are murderous animals who delight in killing each other – does anyone truly believe that our involvement can change that? – Cheney said that we would be “greeted as liberators” – Cheney said that Iraqi oil would “fund our invasion” – how many more Republican falsehoods will it take to help you understand the real world and actual history?


    • I bet you think giving away Eastern Europe after WWII was a good strategic move too and had no consequences for the world and millions of people trapped in the Soviet system. You can still see the consequences today. One problem with liberals (and the far right) is they can’t think strategically or long-term and think every problem can be solved simply because they say so or criticize the current state. It doesn’t work that way.


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