The problem is you don’t care what health care costs

docopleratingDid you know that you frequently choose the most expensive care, that you demand an MRI when it’s not necessary, that you pick the most expensive hospital and  doctors? Did you know that you don’t care how many annoying, uncomfortable and sometimes even dangerous tests you receive and that you run to the doctor as often as possible even when it’s not really necessary?

That’s not you?

Well you better tell the experts who design your health care and tax systems because they are convinced you and your disregard for costs are a main driver causing high health care spending.

There are two approaches being taken to deal with this problem.

The political left in typical fashion takes the foggy road so you won’t notice. It’s going to tax you into compliance. That’s the infamous  40% Cadillac tax on high-cost, generous, health plans. You know, the kind many unions and public employees have. 😛

The idea is to bring the value of these plans down or make them pay a high tax, higher than the highest income tax around.

The political right has a more direct approach. They call it combining a high-deductible health plan with a health savings account HSA. That’s so you can divert money from saving for college or retirement into an account so you can pay more of those unnecessary and high-cost health care bills you and your family incur.

Am I being sarcastic? You betcha😗 But the fact is that both the approaches above are very real and both are causing you to pay more out-of-pocket for health care.

According to the experts who are oblivious to human nature, the answer is simple, you must become a prudent health care consumer and less a concerned patient.

What do you say?

From my perspective the only insurance I want to use less than health insurance is life insurance 😜


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  1. I have only been to the doctor 2 times in the last 20 years. My wife is taking medication for depression and she only sees her doctor twice per year. We are both 59 and use common sense when it comes to our healthcare. We raised 4 children, who are now 24, 30, 34 and 36 who combined have seen the doctor less than 8 times. Except for required Immunizations. My lab work results have not changed in 25 years. Sugar level 90 and cholesterol 150 the same as it was when I was 35. All other tests done in July 2015 where within the normal range. The idea that you need to run to the doctor every year for a physical is pushed by the ones making the money if you do.


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