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Carly Fiorina Perspective

I know little about Carly Fiorina except what I read in the papers. And what I read is criticism of her corporate record, her corporate career, what she did and didn’t do. I read about corporate mergers and layoffs as if she was the first and only executive ever involved in such things or that they are always bad in the long run.

imageI find such scrutiny both understandable and curious, especially when the people doing the criticizing elected a person as president with absolutely no record of accomplishing anything, no work record, not even a significant political record; more symbol than substance.

Oh well, that’s politics I guess.


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    • You mistake doing lots of stuff for accomplishments and results. Appointing this or that, starting a new commission or position is stuff, not accomplishment. Look at the economy as it affects average Americans, look at the world situation, look at the results of “ending wars”, look at number of people out of the workforce or on disability, consider all the anti business moves. What did we get for all the money spent on economic recovery act? Our military is depleted at one of the most dangerous times in history. In short he and his advisors have put in place policies that will haunt America for decades to come … and by the way nothing has been done to control let alone lower health care costs. No point arguing either way though. History will be the final judge. If the number of people on disability, collecting SNAP, and welfare, giving up on jobs, receiving EITC, receiving premium subsidies dramatically declined on his watch you would have something to crow about.


  1. Actually, we knew a lot about President Obama – he never led an organization, public or private, before being elected president.

    In terms of his voting record, during the 8 years he was in the Illinois senate, we know he avoided making controversial votes approximately 130 times. Instead of voting in favor of or against legislation, he voted “present”. So, for example, he voted “present” on a bill to ban partial-birth abortion. That is, he lacked the courage of his convictions – preferring to avoid difficult votes as they would have established a record.

    In terms of his career in the U.S. Senate, 1994 – 2000, he never proposed or co-sponsored any significant legislation that became law. His great accomplishments in the U. S. Senate included sponsorship of:
    – S. 2154 To provide for the issuance of a commemorative postage stamp in honor of Rosa Parks.
    – S. 3155 – S. 3162, To suspend temporarily the duty on RSD 1235, N6-Benzyladenine, MCPB acid and MCPB sodium salt, 2-Methyl-4-chlorophenoxyacetic acid, salts, and esters, gibberellic acid, triphenyltin hydroxide, sebacic acid, bromoxynil octonoate and certain epoxy molding compounds.
    – S. 3757 To designate the facility of the United States Postal Service located at 950 Missouri Avenue in East St. Louis, Illinois, as the `Katherine Dunham Post Office Building’.

    He also co-sponsored such winners that never became law when he was a senator, such as:
    • Lilly Ledbetter,
    • Paycheck Fairness Act,
    • Card Check.

    In fact, I vocally and publically criticized my boss (VP, Employee Relations) at my 2008 employer when he announced he would be voting for President Obama. My comment then, and it is still accurate today, is that any member of management, any officer of a company, should resign their position – as a vote for President Obama is a clear violation of the officer’s fiduciary duty to their company – there is President Obama supports today, or supported in the past, that would offset all of the legislation he supported that would injure corporations/employers.


  2. I also know little about her but if she is good at mergers and layoffs, maybe that will not be a bad thing in government. What a dream that somebody would get rid of whole departments of useless bureaucrats. Of course just don’t get rid of my favorite department, bureau, commission, etc. like the Federal Consulting Group. What do they do?


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