At Work

Inequality and you

One thing is certain, we are not all equal. Most of us make an average income, some make little and even fewer make a great deal. What should we do about it?

IMG_2491The logical answer seems to be to help those with little and average income to make more. How do you do that? You grow the economy, create opportunities for business, demand for goods and services and as a result pressure to ultimately raise wages because there is a demand for those workers.

Based on the recently released government data, in the last several years we have gotten nowhere toward improving the lot of the average American. Why?

Could it be that the last six and a half years of more and more regulation, higher taxes on business along with higher costs (Obamacare is one example), the lack of serious tax reform and ever – growing federal debt could have something to do with it?

Does anyone seriously believe that anything serious has been done to grow the economy? We have record lows in work participation and the Fed has signaled that the economy is not in great shape.

So while the left fiddles with trying to penalize the wealthy, it ignores the rest of us and the actions that really matter for growing the economy, growing incomes and closing the wealth gap by raising the 99%.

That should come as no surprise because rhetoric and finding a scapegoat is easy. Doing the right things is hard work, requires leadership and political risk.


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